Cold Calling Script to Sell Local Advertising to Any Local Business

Cold calling script to sell local advertising to any local business

Bring Bring: ‘Hello, how may I help you!”

“My name is _____________; I have a local community blog, and I am part of the part of the largest social media advertising agency in the world: we would like to talk to you about being on Google’s maps, our maps, and ranking in organic local searches on Google: it is very cost effective advertising. I need a few minutes of your time when you are in front of a computer so I can show it to you? Is now a good time?”

“How much is it, not interested etc…”

“It is only $29 per month, it is a wonderful value: it exposes you to our huge traffic at, all my local traffic on my local blog, it puts you on Google maps and our maps, and makes you available in organic search terms if I write about you, for whatever search you like, you can also become part of the agency for as little as $179 per year and a complete custom website is included! I promise not to bore you! Are mornings or afternoons better for you?!”

Set an appointment!


“Ok please go to (spell it out), let me tell you what you are looking at: we are a team of professional bloggers; by blogging together, we are able to rank for any organic search terms easily, and we do a wonderful job on the social networks, and search engines on behalf of our clients.”

Have them watch the maps video, then start down the services page with them reading with you: explain each option, asking for acknowledgement each time.

If you use this method, and make calls, you will get appointments and sales. If you have an appointment and they do no buy, set a time for them to talk to me, Israel Rothman – Cheryl books my time – better yet: say you have an idea, and then and get me on the phone right then: Israel Rothman; 805-827-2450 Cheryl, Mari, and I created from scratch in this way.

The target market for blogs and/or advertising services:All the over-educated unemployed people the world, all undermentioned or poorly represented local national and regional businesses; all independent professionals, consultants, programmers, designers, marketers, writers, entrepreneurs and authors. – IE Everybody in the whole world who is willing to work – or to pay for results driven, cost effective advertising! Everybody who needs an income. Everybody who has an outdated, and/or impossible to rank (invisible) website Everyone who needs traffic to a website Everyone who needs to manage their personal and professional reputation online

What they all have in common – an even increasing desire to connect, do business, buy, sell, date, get up to date, learn, and otherwise interact completely online. We at, provide the tools, rankings, training, placement, community, training and connections: the sheer power to do so: everything you need to be in business full time immediately earning a six figure income as an independent executive for $179.00 US at

2. It is no longer who you know: it is what you know that matters: blogging is the answer:

It is like the difference between being a newspaper reporter, and owning the newspaper: if you have a free blog at,, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live or anywhere else: the content will not help you get on top of the search engines. If, however, you have your own, properly optimized blog originating at your site, you will rank for your chosen search terms – even thousands or millions of combination choices of key words!

In short, having a blog (on somebody else’s system) will not get you to the top of Google (The Media); but being a blog (from your own social media hub) will!

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