Dark Poetry: Call of the Broken

Demon of the night
Mistress of the dead
Your tortured soul calls
Yet I know not where you are

So many broken dreams
So many wounds to heal
So many scars and tears
Wading through the dark

I walk through a sea of the lost
Feel the dead call out to me
I feel the pain and tears
Longing to comfort yet desperate for you

Each path I lead and fall
Begging for your arms
Helping those I can
But breaking a little more each lost hope of you

If I found your arms tonight
Would I know that you are there?
Would you know my name?
How can we know when so many call to us?

I’ve searched through heaven and hell
Fallen to the depths of the ocean
Screamed and cried in agony
Begging your return

Before my strength is gone
Please show me love is real
Call out to me as I call out to you
Find me in the dark

Send me an image so clear
My heart may not be deceived
Sink your teeth into the flesh
And take my life in yours

Save me from the scars
Save me from the dreams
Wrap your soul in mine
As I once felt in the night

Whether live or dead
Please show me you are real
Let me feel your heart
As your soul flows through me

Drag me in the water
And let me sink with you
Further into darkness
Let my life wash through you

For just a moment let me die
Let my soul pass through your veins
Tie me in a bond so strong
That may never be forgotten

I will go through fires
Take the world in a fight
Cut my heart and drain the blood
As long as you are there

Give me a reason to die
But even more give me a reason to live
Show the key that you possess
To unlock that deeper than the flesh

Take my last breath upon your dying day
Take me in your arms and never lead astray
If I shall fall than fall with me
But darling never let me go

I can’t stand these nights away
With out your heart in mine
If we shall be apart let us feel the warmth of love
So tightly bound that miles may never separate us

Let us rise above the pain
Rise above deception and broken wings
Or let us fall as one
Forever in your arms my heaven and my hell

Pierce me with your gaze
Crippling at your feet
Thrust the knife in deep
But never leave my side

Never utter a false lie to my heart
Do not speak you love me not
You need not speak at all
But look into my being and tell me that you’re there

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