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Are are some uses of zinc

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Zinc is mainly used a protective coating for iron and steel. Zinc boosts brain activity, and it is also used for medical purposes. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-are-some-uses-of-zinc ]
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Are are some uses of zinc
Zinc is mainly used a protective coating for iron and steel. Zinc boosts brain activity, and it is also used for medical purposes.
What are the uses of zinc?
Zinc is a valuable mineral. It is used to make batteries, deoderants, paints, and dietary supplements. Many people around the world are still deficient in zinc.
How to use Zinc-220 Oral
Take this medication by mouth as directed by your doctor or on the package. Take this medication 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals. May be taken with food if it upsets your stomach. Best to swallow whole. Do not crush or chew. Avoid milk…

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What are some uses for zinc hydroxide Zn(OH)2?
Q: What are some common uses of zinc hydroxide alone and some other potential uses if some other compound is added to it?
A: The most common use of Zinc hydroxide is as a protective coating on metals. This forms on metalic Zinc in any moist atmosphere conditions. This is the protective layer on galvanized metals.Zinc hydroxide is gelatinous and can be used as a mordant for some dyes. It is often made in solution by hydrolyzing Zinc sulfate in solution.It is also used as an intermediate in the commercial production of pesticides and pigments.It will react with strong bases to form Zincates.In ointments or combined with Zinc oxide, it is used for skin lotions and cosmetics (to adjust pH). It is also used in surgical dressings, paints, paper coatings and rubber goods.Zinc hydroxide is also found in some electrical batteries.
How can I reduce the redness of acne?
Q: I have a bunch of acne/ acne scars and I was wondering is there any kind of cream that I can use to cover up or even shade the redness acne yields? Ive used some Zinc Oxide but its not working good enough.Thanks 😀
A: Put some eye drops on a cotton swab and keep it on the redness for a minute or so. This should work just the same way eye drops reduce the redness of eyes.You could use a good foundation (oil-free ) and concealer to hide these pimples.
What are some glow in the dark powders?
Q: I am doing a presentation about washing your hands and I wanted to use some sort of glow in the dark powder to represent the unseen germs on surfaces in the classroom. What kind of powder would I use and where would I get it? I was thinking that I would be using Zinc Sulfide, but is that safe to use where people will be touching? I need something safe on the hands and non toxic.
A: Pour grounded sodium around the area you want to test then pour a little bit of water on it and it should make the bacteria glow in the dark
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