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Can girls be hemopheliac

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A:No, only males can become afflicted with hemophilia – and it’s genetic; carried by the maternal genes. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-girls-be-hemopheliac ]
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Can girls be hemophiliacs
No, being a hemophiliac is a blood condition exclusive to males. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Can girls have haemophilia?
Females can ‘carry’ the gene responsible for haemophilia and may have some symptoms. These females are called ‘symptomatic carriers’. While it is possible for a female to actually have haemophilia, it is extremely rare. Haemophilia and fema…
Why do guys get hemophilia and not girls?
It has to do with the genetic differences between males and females. If the woman only carries it on one X chromosome, she can pass on the condition but does not have it herself as it is a recessive gene and would be dominated by the corr…
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