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If you have back pimples, what does that mean

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There is no scientific explanation for what causes back acne. But it can be caused by things such as different types of soap allergies, and tight fitting shirts. Don’t be afraid though, it is natural. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-back-pimples%2C-what-does-that-mean ]
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What does it mean if your getting pimples on your back??
I had the exact same problem. All it is, is a bad case of acne. If you contact your local GP they will set you up with some tablets that balance the acids in your body and will get rid of acne/these pimples. This is what i did and they diss…

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Does Murad work better than Proactiv?
Q: I tried Proactiv a years back and it didn’t work for me at all, in fact, what happened was instead of it clearing up the pimples I did have to begin with, it made them bigger and for some reason I got even more pimples…but I have heard from some co-workers that it worked for them and still does and their skin looks great so I don’t know why it didn’t work for me. I’ve seen Murad on tv and it says that it also treats skin conditions that look like acne aside from treating real acne too. I was wondering maybe if I have one of those skin conditions (and yes they do look like regular acne so I could see how they could be mistaken for acne, they show actual photos of the other types of skin conditions on the murad infomercial) and that would explain why proactive didn’t work for me. But after being dissappointed by buying a product from tv (meaning Proactiv, of course) now I just don’t want to go through that all over again by buying Murad. Please tell me, if you’ve used both, what isbest and what results did you see and how long did it take for your skin to clear up.Also, on my skin, I never have squeezed any of the pimples but I’m half polynesian so I’m olive toned and when the pimples go away they still leave little red marks where they were…so have you had this and did the murad take it away?
A: ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! I used Proactiv for 10 months and it barely did anything for me… One of the things that Proactiv does wrong is putting benzoyl peroxide in it!!! It is like poisin to the skin…. Murad is so amazing! I used it and after 90 days, my skin is like porceline!!! I used to have acne that swallowed my face!!!!! I was so happy, I cried! Dr. Murad is a genius and he really knows skin…. Try it for 90 days and I can guarantee you it will be the best it’s ever been….. 7 of my friends and family have has extreme acne and they all tried it and now we all feel so good about ourselves. You don’t have to order it from tv….. it is way easier to get it at Sephora! Try it and you won’t regret it! Best of wishes to you my friend! ^_^
Why does my mom knock down my self esteem?
Q: its like she purposely tries to. and shes not necessarily honest when she talks about me. its more of her opinions, or exaggerations. like, she is always telling me how ugly my hair is. EVERY DAY. i don’t think its ugly. i mean, its not gorgeous, but not ugly. its plain i guess. and its not like my mom can fix it any better! like, when she fixes it, it is poofy (almost out to my shoulders) my bangs are straightened back to the rest of my hair, she rats it a bit on the sides, and it looks like i just dumped drying chemiclas on my hair.also, i have mild/moderate acne. its not that bad, but if i dont have any makeup on its noticable (its not like “MY EYES!! THEY BUURRRRN!”) its just basically a few of those flat like small pimples and a few blackheads in my t-zone of my face. and she always tells me how hideous they are. i know its not attractive, but its NOT hideous. like one time she said “you know why you’re so ugly? its because your acne covered face is so hideous!!!” she also always bugs me cuz i am slim and a late bloomer…shes always like NO CLOTHES FIT YOU! ITS BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO F***ING SKINNY AND YOU HAVE THE BODY OF A F***ING 5 YEAR OLD!!!but my overweight sister oh nooo she loves her and her body is perfect!! and my sister has blackheads on her nose too! and my mom never says anything! and my sisters hair is ooo so gorgeous to my mom! she also favors my sisters…they are 8 and 9 and have a laptop, cell phone, and ipod. they got these when they were 7 and 8!!! they didnt get any of it for their birthdays tho, they just get it JUST BECAUSE. like i had to get a cell phone for one birthday (the only thing i got) and an ipod for my next birthday (the only thing i got) and a laptop for the GATE program at school. my sisters get all this JUST BECAUSE. it makes me feel so inferior.she doesnt have the same sense of style as me (she wants to style her daughters in pink pretty preppy outfits with skirts and dresses!) while i am more neutral colors and skinny jeans. she thinks most of my clothing choices are so ugly.she calls me horrible at dance and piano. but my sister is so bad too and my mom praises her saying she has “the gift of music” or other crap like that!! my sister cant even play the harry potter theme song right! she first spazzes out on the keys then plays really slowly…to the point where its unrecognizable…and she overexaggerates. like this year, i sent out invites late, even tho i told all my friends to ask their parents in advance if they could come to my party before i sent out the invite (going to an amusment park) and none of them RSVPed and i was on a trip so i couldnt reach them. we ended up not going. my mom told everyone how i screw up my party every single year and i f***ed it up sooo bad this year i just didnt have a party. THATS NOT TRUE!! ugh! this is the first time my birthday went all weird.she tells me how bad i am at everything, she said once she wishes i wasnt her daughter, how i screw everything up, and how my sisters are oh so perfect. i get good grades in school (all a’s and b’s in all honors) and my sisters get B’s and C’s and D’s and my mom doesnt care. i dont get why she treats me like this and my sisters like gods. please help, i tried talking to her about my sisters and her treating me like this. her excuses were “your jealous of your sisters” which is partly true (not what they do, just the attention they get) or “well you have such a bad attitude i can’t treat you nicely”i dont think i have a horrible attitude..yea i can sometimes be snappy, but hey, im a teenager, i can’t be perfect all the time. i dont think im that hideous (tho i kinda am…ahah). how can i make her stop? i know im not perfect but im tired of listening to the crap that my mom says. and then on top of this she wonders why i’m so negative…please help?HOLY CRAP i didnt know i wrote that much…you dont have to read it all just some of it lol!!! most of them are examples! thanks <3
A: its alright, my mom did the same thing to me, she told me how ugly i was all the time and that i was fat, and i was like what the fuck man why do you say that and she even does it in public and i was only a kid. –you just have to talk to her and ask her why she does that, why does she always want you to feel bad about yourself and that its hurting your feelings as her daughter, the more she says things like that the more itll push you away. you wouldnt want to walk around her criticizing her every little detail right? shed feel the same way she makes you feel.its just one of those favoritism things, i totally know how you feel, i just learned to block it out and not care cause in the inside she does really love you. she just does it because compared to your sisters your probably flawless and she cant brig down your sisters self esteem so she does it to you. the only thing that should matter to you is your happiness, if your mother doesnt understand that then just block her out, if you feel good about yourself thats all that matters. dont let her judgement of you bring you down. do the best you can do until you go off to college or when you become a young women she’ll realize what shes done to you. dont blame yourself for anything she says to you, thats her character and i know you are probably a better person than that.take instances like this to push you ahead in life and become a better person when you get older. just blow it off sweetheart. thats what i did as a teen and im fine now, im 20 with a engineering degree when i moved out my mom was devastated that i was leaving, but it was her own fault for treating me the way she did. and your mom will feel the same way when the time comes. but for now, try and talk it out, if she doesnt listen or starts to yell or criticize you, just walk away, and tell her you dont have time to hear her nagg at you and tell you how imperfect you are because in your own perspective your just fine.and if she sys your jealous just say you are jealous of all the love and respect that you give them and not you, your her daughter also and she needs to treat you like you are, but she doesnt show you anything that she shows your sisters.
What do you honestly think of the chapter? 10 pts for helpful and truthful?
Q: Chapter one: the other part so far. Sorry its long :)Ms. Smith stood at the head of the room and clapped her hands together three times quickly and cleared her throat loudly and I turned around quickly to hear her. “Today you will mostly just be adjusting to your new schedules so I will let you just chat today while I write down your seating arrangements. Remember to save a notepad for your daily drills starting tomorrow. Now I’m going to call roll.” she said and then I lost track of what she was saying until she called my name. “Olsen, Nikole?” “Here,” I said as I raised my hand. When class was over I headed straight towards the bathroom, boy did I need to use the bathroom. Class was almost two hours long and teachers don’t like you to ask to them if you can use the restroom. They always get so mad; I mean what is wrong with going to the restroom. I also need to reapply my makeup. I am not a vain person; I just need to cover up my pimples. I mean I’m almost sixteen and the guys are already checking me out, I need to look good. Biology is next, my second favorite class, next to drama. “Hun, Nikki we only got five minutes between classes so get your flat little butt over here and get to class,” Savannah said through the bathroom door.“Ok, ok gees you’re starting to sound like my mom,” I said back. I finished putting on my mascara and then followed her to Mrs. Frasier’s room. “Hello class, my name is Mrs. Ginger Frasier and in my class room there are some rules. One, you may chew gum, but if I see you playing with it or popping bubbles I will ask you to throw it away; two, no I-pods, cell phones, or other electronic devices. Rule number three, you may use pens but they must be black or blue; last and most importantly no PDA and I assume you all know what the stands for. “Now where you are sitting now will not be your assigned seats. Tomorrow you will have your new seats and lab partners. You will be seated by gender so girl, girl boy, boy. I’ll have you seated tomorrow. Ri- **Boop*Boop*Boop*Boop** Right now I want you to take out one of your note books and a folder. These will be for your Biology class; I will pass around a sharpie for you to write Biology on them. Now on the board you see two questions you will write them down along with the date because I will be collecting them at the end of the term and I expect them and answers written down. Now I’ve done enough talking so chat with your friends, but keep it to a minimum.” Mrs. Frasier finally finished saying. The sharpie was passed to me by the cute boy beside me at the next table. Our fingers touch when he passed it! It’s nothing to get excited about, but usually that means that they like you. So, does he like me? I don’t know I mean I could’ve been an accident. I glanced back at him, he’s smiling. I bit the side of my lip and looked down at my notepad and folder. I wrote my name and biology on them and passed the pen to Savannah. Boy was he cute! “Hey, watcha doing?” Savannah asked.“Nothing…” I said dreamily.“Ya Uh-huh, looks like you’re checking out Mr. Truman’s son, Carson.”“What? That’s the coach’s son? Looks nothing like him.”“Well he’s adopted.”“That makes sense then. Why does he have to be so HOT? I mean, like he would date me, especially with his dad being the coach.” I said sarcastically. “He’ll say something like no you can’t date her she will distract you from doing your school work.”“Don’ worry Coach is cool he isn’t uptight or nothing. An’ some boys are just born sexy.”“Ya that’s true. So what’s he like?” I asked determined to get the scoop on his personality.“Ok if you want the 411 on Carson you need to talk to Kelsey Rickets, she has all the info on everyone in the 10th grade.”
A: I have to be honest, your story needs more description in it. Within a few sentances you have already gone through two hours of the day. When someone is reading your story, you want to give the reader a lot of description so they feels as if they are actually in the story. I like the idea of introducing the ‘love interest’ into the story in the first few paragraphs. Your story needs some work, but it’s got good bones. Keep up the good work!
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