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Is burning rubber toxic

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Yes. The smoke contains cancer causing chemicals, acids, carbon monoxide, zinc, and lead. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-burning-rubber-toxic ]
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Is burning rubber toxic
Yes. The smoke contains cancer causing chemicals, acids, carbon monoxide, zinc, and lead. ChaCha for now!

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What is that horrible early morning stink? Smells toxic, like burnt rubber stew.?
Q: We are in the “country”. It seems to be coming from either under the house or around the foundation. Started about 2 weeks ago. It is not skunk smell, doesn’t make your nose feel funny, but does make you want to throw up. Wakes us up out of a sound sleep, always between about 4:00 & 7:00AM. HELP!!!
A: This time is normally when the breezes increase. I hate to say this but a animal or bird could have climbed under your house and passed away.
How do you get rid of burnt rubber/ plastic smell from your house?
Q: My best friend was over and while i was sleeping she decided to heat up some cheese dip in a semi metal pan in the microwave. The whole rubber/ plastic handle is burnt to charcoal and my whole house smells like poison and i opened all the windows and doors, but the smell won’t go away. Any suggestions on how to get the smell gone before i die from toxic fumes???
A: you have to get rid of the source. in this case its your microwave. i know it doesnt sound easy but its the only thing.
The wiring in my frigerator burned up, did I inhale anything toxic or bad?
Q: It stunk up the interior of my house, and for two days I smelled a horrible, acrid smell akin to something eletrical being burned up. Shortly after, the frigerator quit working. When the repairman came, he said that the wires had caught on fire and burned up, though it wasn’t all that significant. It was the wires leading to the “relay switch” that tell the frigerator to turn on, apparently.Electrical wiring contains lead, most types of wiring have PBDE (potent, bioaccumulative, health hazardous fire retardant chemicals) in them, and whenever plastic/rubber burns, it generates “dioxins” (what made Agent Orange so pernicious). Did I inhale any of these things?The frigerator is from 1999 or 2000.
A: Yes, but in very small quantity and for a very short time. The wiring uses mechanically crimped connections, but even if they used tin-lead solder, it doesn’t burn. Modern manufacturing is moving away from toxic materials when alternatives are present. Even China is doing so, due to intense economic pressure from its western customers who place a higher value on human life. Certainly, minimize the exposure, open windows and doors for ventilation, and get rid of all the burned stuff. But the health risk to you from this one incident is minimal. A lifestyle of refined sugar, white flour, and obesity has a much more pronounced effect.
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