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What are 20 words that start with the letter Z

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Some words that start with the letter Z: zoo, zap, zaftig, zany, zebra, zen, zenith, zero, zest zigzag, zilch, zinc, and zucchini. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-20-words-that-start-with-the-letter-z ]
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What are 20 words that start with the letter A?
・ about ・ above ・ average ・ able ・ after ・ apple ・ art ・ add ・ and ・ an ・ absent ・ act ・ active ・ ace ・ acre ・ ankle ・ all ・ aim ・ ale ・ ask
Can you give twenty words that start with the letter b?
・ be ・ boy ・ big ・ bologna ・ bicycle ・ beautiful ・ best ・ breathe ・ brain ・ bright ・ balloon ・ baboon ・ blessing ・ black ・ blue ・ brown ・ bunny ・ bear ・ burn ・ bee ・ base ・ boring ・ bell ・ becom…
Can you give twenty words that start with the letter l?
・ lack ・ limb ・ ludicrous ・ llama ・ layer ・ lithosphere ・ late ・ land ・ lure ・ lift ・ lash ・ lunar ・ leech ・ lie ・ lame ・ loquacious ・ lip ・ lemur ・ leg ・ leer

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Has anyone noticed that the new yellow $5 crossword scratch tickets in Illinois are constant losers?
Q: From about April til late June of this year, when the $5 scratch tickets, $75,000 Crossword, were blue, they were awesome! I was winning often. Of course I’d lose here and there, but when I won it averaged between $10 to $120 and at the end of June I won $5000! I was hooked, and the game was so fun and I looked forward to buying one after work or on the weekends when I was bored. But — surprise, surprise. Illinois Lottery changed the blue $75,000 Crosswords all the sudden unbeknownst to the public at the end of June and changed them to yellow $75,000. “What’s the difference, right? They look exactly the same”, I said to myself….But after playing about 5 of the yellow ones, something was all wrong. They were constant losers. I just figured it’d change soon. Nope! They didn’t. I continued buying more, and after purchasing 20 losers, my self esteem started to shrink, “I’m so unlucky now. What’s happened?”. But after beating myself up for the past 3 months for losing consistently at my favorite scratch lotto game I discovered it hasn’t been me at all. They’re consistent losing tickets meant to fail! In comparison with the blue ones sold at the beginning of the year, I noticed side by side the yellow $75,000 Crossword now is way harder. The words are longer, each averages a length of 5 to 8 letter words, where as the old, blue ones averaged around 3 to 5 letter words. And they use lots of Z’s, Q’s, X’s and often lack the most essential letters: A’s and E’s.This is simply not fair. Why have you gotten so greedy, Illinois Lotto? I never, never win anymore and when the rare occasion comes around that I do win, it’s a peddly $5 prize. I check your website and magically the picture of the blue $75,000 crosswords has been completely erased from all memory, but the yellow tickets are posted, as if that’s how they always looked. CHEATERS!!!!You’ve killed this golden goose. No more scratch tickets for me in the state of CHEATING ILLINOIS.
A: You’re right they are cheating youstop buying their yellow tickets its just a business trick and they rig the card so you can never win cheating illinois
Q: He was 3 last september and doesnt start school nursery until this sept.But i was at their house the other day, and he was playing on a v-tech game, which has letters on it a-z!! and it speaks and says things like “spell bug, spell man, spell dog” well i couldnt believe it!! he looked at the picture of the dog, with d o g wrote next to it, and typed it in! and got it right!.He then went on and typed in bug and man and other words. I then thought thisd was a fluke so went through the letters with him, and said what does “s” stand for? and he replied “scoobydoo!” i was so shocked, he hasnt even started school yet or nursery and knows the letter sounds etc.He also tried to tell the time, he gets it wrong but still shows an interest in it. Hes also very good on the p.c and can copy a word if written down. hes still a baby to me though ha ha!! is this normal for a 3 year old? as my other sisters son is nearly 5 and at school and he doesn’t do this?.He recognises letters and points saying “auntie faye, thats a b” etc!! I am going to learn him to write his name now, especially with him showing such an interest in letters, oh and he can nearly count to 20, so i think ill help him with that aswell.thanks ppl!! ill let my sister know how clever her lil boy is now XXXwho are you anyway??? go bug somebody else!! i hate negative ppl like you!! so sad!OOHH DEF!! HE LOVES CLIMBING AND WRESTLING WITH HIS LIL BRO ON THE FLOOR HA HA! HE PLAYS ALOT WITH HIS ACTION FIGURES TOO x
A: “I am going to learn him to write his name now…” WOW. I think he might be smarter than you. Have you heard of punctuation and capitalization. Please tell me you are still in grade school and not in high school.
Reasoning based question?
Q: 1. The sum of two digits of a two digit number is 12 and the difference between the two digits of the two digit number is 6. what is the two digit number?.a)39b)84c)93d)cannot be determinede)none of these.2. In a row of 40 boys facing north, A is 6th to the right of S and S is 11th to the left of V. If A is 28th from the right end of the row, what is the position of V from the left end of the row?.a)17thb)21stc)20thd)18the)None of these.3. Among A,B,P,Q and S,B is immediate next taller than the shortest and Q is taller then P. Which of the following statement(s) is/are necessary to decide the tallest among them?.a) P is not as tall as Sb) A is third below Q in height.c)P is second in height above AA) only a) or b) B) only b) or c)C)only a) or c)D) a) or b) or c)E) none of these4. If a meaningful word can be formed from APSG, by using each letter only once , then the third letter of that word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed, your answer is Y and if no such word is formed then your answer is Z.a) Zb)Yc)Pd)Ge)S5. statement: The government has decided to hike the prices of petrol and diesel by about Rs. 3 per litre to partially reduce the gap between the domestic and international prices.Assumptions: a) the oil companies may not be able to absorb the deficit in purchase and sale prices.b) People may start countrywide agitation against the price hike.c)The oil companies may not agree with the governments decision of marginal price hike.A) Only a) is implicitB) Only b) is implicitC)Only c) is implicitD)Only a) and b) are implicitE) None is implicit. 6. X invests 6% of his monthly salary i.e. Rs. 2100 on insurance policies. Also he invests 8% of his monthly salary on family medication policies and another 9% of his salary on NSCs. What is the total annual amount invested by X.a) Rs.11400b) Rs.96600c)Rs.8050d)Rs.9500e)None of these.
A: not your personal armydo your own math homework
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