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What do you do if you have really bad acne

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If you have really bad acne and you’ve tried everything you might want to see a dermatologist about the problem. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-if-you-have-really-bad-acne ]
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What do you do if you have really bad acne
If you have really bad acne and you’ve tried everything you might want to see a dermatologist about the problem. Thanks!
How to get rid of really bad acne?
I was once like you but now i’m not, simply because i went to the dermatologist and he perscribed me a pill and i will tell you about it: I have tried stuff like proactiv, AMBI, Neautogena,clean and clear and other acne products and all pro…
Im 13 and have really bad acne.. What can help it?
Well, I had really bad acne too (lots of scarring) and a wicked case of rosacea. I came to realize that all of the harsh things that I was doing to my face (i.e. scrubbing hard with a wash cloth, using alcohol, etc. etc.) just made it worse…

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Really Bad Acne I Need Some Help, Please?
Q: Okay, so I’ve looked at some acne questions people have asked and I’ve noticed that they are kind of broad. They don’t mention what skin type you have, how acne prone you are, ETC. So here some stuff about me before I continue-I’m thirteenI’ve got really acne prone skin.Its kind if oilyTons of acne scarsNo blackheadsIts a genetic thingIt comes from stress(I am guessing).Okay, so I’ve tried Clearasil, Panoxyl, Biore and Neutrogena.(None worked for me) I am currently using the Anti-Stress Foaming Face Wash and its helping, some. My face doesn’t break out as much anymore, but I still have scars and tiny bumps across my forehead nose and chin. I don’t want to use make-up because it won’t really get rid of these problems and personally I find that I am too young. I don’t want to use proactive because I’ve heard your skin gets totally dependable on it. I am convinced that my skin works with Salicylic Acid washes, but do they hurt your skin? And also, I’ve heard of something called Skin ID, is that really good? I’ve tried going to dermatologists, but all they can do is get rid of the acne, not the scars. The scars are what I am really worried about. So my main question here is: What are some good washes, remedies or masks of anything else you’ve got that can get rid of the acne and the scars.Okay, thanks!
A: According to what you said, I recommend you use Cetaphil. Because you have somewhat oily skin, Cetaphil will remove all excess oil, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft. The moisturizer with SPF 15 will also help. Sometimes the cleanser removes too much oil making your skin feel a bit dry. Therefore, the moisturizer will help even out your skin. Cleanser: Cetaphil Normal to OilyMoisturizer: For all skin types SPF 15As for the mask, you can either put toothpaste on or create your own Aspirin mask. They both work pretty well. For the scars, I heard you have to put lemon juice on the scars, and leave it in throughout the night. I’m not clearly sure if this works. I do not have any scars to test it out. I apologize for that. I also heard that Cocoa Butter works as well. Even though it’s mainly for the use of stretch marks, it works with either scars, and stretch marks. I hope that helped. Best of luck 🙂
HELP!!! REALLY bad ACNE ? RED and DRY skin!?
Q: Ok, I’ve always had acne but for the past 1-2 weeks it started to get really bad. I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather change and stuff but I have never broken out this bad and it’s really making me depressed. Along with pimples, my face gets really red and dry. And when it’s dry I can’t wear make-up because it looks all cracked up and makes my pimples more noticeable. I have used many pimple creams and remedies but they all burn my skin and make my skin more dry, more red, and cause me to break out even more. I’m on my last year of High School so you can imagine how hard it is for me to even walk down the halls with big bumps all over my face. I want to see a dermatologist but knowing my parents they think it’d be silly since this is normal for teens; however, my acne is getting worse and worse! I just don’t know what to do anymore- I’ve never been more depressed in my life.Currently using ProActiv, Mac SPF15 Foundation, and Clinque makeup remover #2 for dry skinPLEASE HELP
A: I have really, really sensitive skin and Clinque no matter how sensitive it is irritates it.. So, I would say try a more mild skin cleanser.. I like Cetaphil. It’s available at the drug store.. It’s NOT expensive and it’s dematologist tested. I like the creamy formula.. You might want to try applying it and NOT using water to remove.. Leaving it on as a moisturizer. I use it in the shower and rinse with warm water… Also, it’s a good idea to exfoliate.. I like to use plain baking soda for this.. It’s cheap/gentle and everybody has a box in the kitchen. Just mix in with your facial cleanser and gently scrub skin. It will slough off any dead skin cells and leave healthy glowing skin… Also, it will help dry out pimple/acne.. I like to use if necessary witch hazel as a toner once again found in the drugstore… It’s cheap, and alcohol-free and lastly find a NON Communigenic moisturizer and use that to keep your skin moist … That should help.. Try this for at least a month and if you don’t see an improvement than go and see a dermatologist….Good luck
My acne is cured, but I have really bad acne scars!?
Q: I am 12 years old, and I understand that my skin is still very young and it’s normal for it to be getting acne. I have had my period since December, if that helps. Over the last school year, I abused my acne medication by using literally 8 products on my skin, making it worse. I thought I took good care of it, but I really didn’t…I used too much foundation, I actually thought shaving would help make my eyebrows and upper lip better, and I used way too many skin products. Now, I only use a little foundation on school days, not on weekends. I don’t shave my FACE anymore, ew that’s just gross. My eyebrows are really thin now and I tweeze them, and shaving, before, made pimples by my eyebrows. I also bleach my upper lip now. And, I narrowed my skin products wayyy down. Now, what I do to take care of my skin is: wash my face with Mary Kay Velocity Face Wash, then use Mary Kay Velocity Moisturizer. Over the summer, I got prescription acne medication: one for the morning, it’s called clindamycin phosphate topical solution USP. And the other one is for nighttime, and it’s called Differin cream. My skin is MUCH better now. Not only because of those two medications, but because I narrowed the medication down and took way better care of my skin. It wasn’t even that bad before, I just made it worse by doing all that. Now, every once in a while I get a pimple, but it goes away in a few days.Sorry it’s so long, I just need help on this one. During that time last year when I abused my acne medicine, I picked at two pimples, creating scars. One below my nose, on my upper lip…and one on the crease thing on my chin. The one on my upper lip, which is from Ferbruary, isn’t too noticeable anymore, but the one on my chin, from this past summer, is very visible. I keep getting pimples over the scars, making the scars worse. I don’t really have a problem with regular pimples, because they go away, but scars DO NOT! I really need help on this, why did I have to take that hard way on learning not to pick at zits?! Anyway, what are some ways to get rid of really bad acne scars? Thank you, and remember I’m only 12 so I probably can’t get laser surgery or anything.
A: I used to use sudo cream m8, it really really does work, just put it on every night!!I used 2 wonder weather or not I would ever find somthing that worked and that did!!!!
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