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What is a penny made of

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The core of a penny is zinc then the penny is electroplated with copper. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-penny-made-of ]
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The first penny was called the Northumbria and was made of silver in 772. The copper penny was first minted in 1797. In 1860 bronze was used to make pennies.
thepenny is composed of many different elements but to be corrent on knowing the element it is copper.

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What is the Cayman Island Penny made out of?
Q: Was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what the Cayman Island Penny is made out of.. I found one in my cash register this morning and noticed that it doesn’t quite fell like a penny and definately doesn’t make the same sound when dropped as a penny…Tried finding it on the internet but for some reason, i cannot find what I am looking for.. Just curious, Thanks for the help! =)
A: It’s made out of bronze.In 1972, coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 25 cents were introduced. The 1 cent coins were struck in bronze, with the other denominations in cupro-nickel. From 1992, bronze- and nickel-clad steel replaced bronze and cupro-nickel, respectively.1¢ Design theme: A Thrush Bird on a Tree Branch Diameter: 17.00mm Weight (Since 1992) 2.55 grammes Composition: BronzeI hope this helps out with your curiosity)
What is the value of an Indian Head Penny made in 1897?
Q: The coin is in good condition; all details are visible.
A: From the 2007 Red Book 1897 cent is $3.00 in good conditionBut I have recently bought some on eBay for $0.01 each. Of course they got more with shipping and handling.You said all details are visible which may grade higher then good.
What is a penny made of?
Q: For those who think this is an easy question. It’s not made of copper but does have copper cladding. Pennies were made of copper at one time but the copper is worth more than the penny so it’s made from a different metal now.
A: Years / Mass / Diameter / Composition1864 to 1942 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Copper and 5.0% Zinc & Tin (bronze mix)1943 / 2.70 g / 19 mm / Steel with Zinc coating1944 to 1946 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Copper and 5.0% Zinc & Tin (bronze mix)1947 to 1962 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Copper and 5.0% Zinc & Tin (bronze mix)1963 to 1982 / 3.11 g / 19 mm / 95.0% Cu and 5.0% Zinc1983-Present / 2.50 g / 19 mm / 97.5% Zinc and 2.5% Copper (20% lighter)
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