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What is good for dandruff

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Medicated shampoos, sunlight, a healthy diet, managing stress, limiting sugars & yeasts, increasing Vit B, Omega 3 fats & zinc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-good-for-dandruff ]
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What’s good for dandruff?
I was recently prescribed Nizoral. There are different types of dandruff shampoos. Head & Shoulders contains a kind of zinc, usually 1%. Neutrogena has something else, i can’t remember what. Others contain salicylic acid, the same ingre…
How to Remove Dandruff for Good
Dandruff can be very embarrassing. You can be at the top of your game looking like a million dollars but still have those ugly white specks on your shoulders. Dandruff is a dermatological condition characterized by itchy and flaking scalp. …
Does anyone know of a good dandruff shampoo?
“my 2cent suggestion” I don’t know if you believe in Indian herbal medicines. There are a few shampoos made by “The Himalaya Drug Company” and is sold under the label of “Himalaya Herbals.” They have a Protein-…

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What is a good shampoo for severe dandruff?
Q: I know this is bad but, I;m a kid and I’m only ten. I know I am responsible enough to have an e-mail. But I have severe severe dandruff! It goes everywhere in my hair, the ends and the top, or scalp. I really need to find a good dandruff shampoo or conditioner that would help stop this dandruff madness! Please don’t ask anything about my age! I just need an answer to this problem.I tried RedKen dandruff shampoo, but that made my skin very dry.
A: Usually Head & Shoulders is good. If that still doesn’t work, try Selsun Blue. Those are both companies that make shampoos (and conditioners in Head & Shoulder’s case) specifically and solely for people with dandruff, unlike RedKen. Head & Shoulders even has different types of shampoo for different types of hair – all that treat dandruff. I listed their sites so you can check them out!
What is a good Dandruff Shampoo for black people?
Q: I have Dandruff like crazy and was wondering was there any good dandruff shampoo’s for black people?!I Really Appreciate All Your Answers =]
A: I would say try head and shoulders. Best dandruff shampoo.
What’s a good dandruff shampoo for a four year old?
Q: My 4 year old has I crazy dandruff problem and so do I. I use head and shoulders and it barely works on me. Is there something gentler for my child? (were Black). I also need a good conditioner.
A: I would love to send you a sample of Arbonne’s Tea Tree Oil shampoo. several of my black friends love this product and the best part about is that it is safe. You can go to my website at www.thewayback.myarbonne.com and email me your address. I know that this will help.
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