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What is ionic compound for zinc oxide

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Zinc oxide is a chemical compound with the formula ZnO. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-ionic-compound-for-zinc-oxide ]
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What is the ionic compound of zinc oxide?
ZnO- zinc oxide. it is a redox reaction that formed a binary ionic compound.
Can anyone tell me what the ionic charges for Zinc oxide (ZnO) an…?
Zinc oxide and mercury oxide are both neutral compounds and have no net charge. The oxide ion in both compounds, however, has a 2- charge, meaning the cations (zinc and mercury) must have 2+ charges to balance it out. I hope that helps. Goo…

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A: CrI3Fe2O3Ca3N2MnSCaF2SnBr2MgCl2AlCl3ZnO
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chemistry.EASY hw. ASAP.please answer properly.?
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A: Not doing your homework is just going to make you even busier as you can’t cope with it.As a hint, the answers to 1a) are A, D, and G.
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