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What is the ratio of males affected by hemophilia

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A:About 1 in every 5,000 boys is born with hemophilia; girls are more rarely affected by this genetic condition linked to gender. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-ratio-of-males-affected-by-hemophilia ]
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What is the ratio of males affected by hemophilia
About 1 in every 5,000 boys is born with hemophilia; girls are more rarely affected by this genetic condition linked to gender.

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BIOLOGY HELP, if you dont know all the answers please do the ones you know! TY!?
Q: 1. Pisum sativum, the garden pea, is a good subject to use in studying heredity for all of the following reasons EXCEPTA. Several varieties of Pisum sativum are available that differ in easily distinguishable traits.B. Pisum sativum is a small, easy to grow plant.C. Pisum sativum matures quickly and produces a large number of offspringD. A Pisum sativum plant with male reproductive parts must crosspollinate with a plant having female reproductive parts for reproduction to take place.2. i already did!3. In the F2 generation in Mendels experiments, the ratio of dominant to recessive phenotypes wasA. 1:3B. 1:2C. 2:1D. 3:14. The trait that was expressed in the F1 generation in Mendels experiment is consideredA. recessiveB. dominantC. second filialD. parental5. Mendels law of segregation states thatA. pairs of alleles are dependent on one another when separation occurs during gamete formation.B. pairs of alleles seperate independently of one another after gamete formation.C. each pair of alleles remains together when gametes are formed.D. the two alleles for a trait seperate when gametes are formed.6. A series of genetic crosses results in 787 long-stemmed plants and 277 short-stemmed plants. The probability that you will obtain short-stemmed plants if you repeat this experiment isA. 277/1,064B. 277/787C. 787/277D.787/10647. Crossing a snapdragon that has red flowers with one that has white flowers produces a snapdragon that has pink flowers. The trait for flower exhibitsA. multiple allelesB. complete dominanceC. incomplete dominanceD. codominance8. Which of the following is not considered a genetic disorder?A. sickle cell anemiaB. hemophiliaC. AIDS D. crystic fibrosis9. On which of the following chromosomes would sex-linked trait most likely be found in humans?A.XB.YC.OD.YO10. the roan color of a horse is an example ofA. homozygous allelesB. codominanceC.incomplete dominanceD. Both A and CQuestions 11 and 12 refer to this at the bottom D d D DD Dd _ D_ d_11. if the resulting phenotypic ratio is 3:1, the missing parental allele isA. dB.DC.DdD.DD12. the two unknowm genotypes in the offspring areA. DD and ddB. Dd and DdC. dd and DDD. Dd and dd13. which of the following summarizes one of Mendels major hypotheses developed from his studies of garden peas?A. All of an individuals alleles make up its genotype.B. Traits that are intermediate between twp parents are caused by genes that are incompletely dominant.C. There are alternative versions of genes, which are called alleles todayD. When two dominant alleles are expressed together, they are called codominant.14. Which of the following is an example of a test cross?A. YY X YYB. YY X yyC. Yy X YyD. all of the above15. What is the goal of genetic counseling?A. to cure genetic disordersB. to inform people about genetic disorders that could affect them or their offspring.C. to use gene technology to correct certain disordersD. to indentify people who have a family history of genetic disorders.16. i cannout draw the thingy!Complete each statement by writing the correct term or phrase in the space provided.17. the investigator whose studies formed the basis of modern genetics is ____________________18. The _________, or physical appearance, of an indivdual is determined by the alleles that code for traits. The set of alleles that an individual has is called its _____________19. a cross between a pea plant that is true-breeding for green pod color and one that is true breeding for yellow pod color is an example of an _____________________ cross20. Characteristics such as eye color, height, weight, and hair and skin color are examples of __________________ ____________________ because several genes act togther to influence a trait.21. Mutations in genetic material may cause ___________, such as cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy.Read each question, and write your answer in the space provided.22. What approximate ratio of plants expressing contrasting traits did Mendel calculate in his F2 generation of garden peas? What steps did he take to calculate his ratio?23. Name Mendels two laws of heredity24. Give an example of how the environment might influence gene expression.25. Describe one sex-linked genetic disorder.
A: 2.C3. D 4. B 5. D6. C 7. C8. C 18. the phenotype ( 1st blank) its genotype ( 2nd blank) 19. mono-hybrid 20. Polygenic Traits 22. 3:1 ratio, steps he divided 705/244 and got a 3:15 ratio then reduced and got the 3:1 ratio 24. You could use fur color which can be influenced by the temperature (example the artic fox) 25. You could use Albinism
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