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What is the symbol for zinc

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The symbol for zine is ‘zn’ and its atomic number is 30 with a weight of 65.409 ( 4) g. Have questions? ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-symbol-for-zinc ]
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What is symbol of zinc?
Zn is the symbol of Zinc
What is chemical symbol for zinc phosphide?
Zinc has the atomic symbol Zn The atomic symbol of an element is usually represented by the first letters of a given element’s name in Greek or Latin. Further Details:
How did zinc get its symbol zn?

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What is the symbol for Zinc Sulphate?
A: The Formula fo zinc sulfate is ZnSO4 Symbols are reserved for the elements themselves Zn = zinc, S = sulfur, O = oxygen
What is the name and symbol for: Potassium when it drops and electron?
Q: I’m in chem and I need to know:The name and symbol when Potassium drops an electron.The name and symbol when Zinc gains one electron.The name and symbol when Fluorine gains an electron.Thanks so much.
A: for metals, they usually lose electrons to form a position ion. nonmetals usually gain electrons to form a negative ion. When potassium lose an electron is called potassium iron, K+. (note; the + sign must be superscript) For zinc, becaues it is a metal, so it never gains electrons. but zine lose two electrons to from compounds. so it is called zinc ion, Zn2+Fluorine gains an electrons is called fluoride anion F-. (anion is another name of negative ion)for nonmetal, their name must ends with “-ide” when they are ionized.
What is the symbol for Zinc?
Q: I’m new at chemistry.
A: Zn 🙂
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