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What shampoo would you suggest for a dry scalp

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Head and Shoulders. It combines pyrithione zinc the number one ingredient used to restore scalp health. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-shampoo-would-you-suggest-for-a-dry-scalp ]
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Does herbal essences shampoo make the scalp dry
Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo helps get rid of dry scalps, but if that doesn’t work, combing heated olive oil is a doctor-prescribed treatment! Chacha!
What the best shampoo for dry scalp?
The best shampoo for fry scalp is head and shoulders for dry scalp. you can feel the tingling sensation when you use it. Selsone blue is also a good one or you can get a prescription for one.
What is the best shampoo for dry scalp?
Shampoo with conditioner mixed in with it and then use a conditioner on top of it. And Head and Shoulders is a medicated shampoo for a dry scalp and I think they also have conditioner.

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Shampoo and conditioner help? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!?
Q: ok, so I have processed hair because I dye my hair every once in a while. And because I do this, my hair is very oily at the roots and dry on the mid-shafts and ends. I have looked online on what I should use, and they say to wash hair mostly at the scalp and condition on the ends. Some say to use special hair shampoo for colored hair, but some say that those companies are just trying to scam you and take your money so they recommend using baby shampoo. I have been using the colored hair products, but have seen no results. Then again, i have been using those products incorrectly. What do you suggest I do? Are there any shampoos and conditioners that are the best of the best for my type of hair? P.S. A hair professionals opinion would be ideal! Thanks!oh and if it’s helpful, i have blonde hairoh and coyote, your wrong btw, IT DOES make you’re scalp oily and drafts dry. Wanna kno why? because of the chemicals. You may be a “professional” but your not a doctor or chemical scientist or hair specialist. And I want to let you kno that it doesn’t happen ALL of the time and it doesn’t happen to ALL people! And another thing, i do get my hair trimmed, in fact i just got it done a week ago!Get your facts straight hun
A: At any store they sell shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, this stuff treats your hair like it’s gold. I use it and I don’t dye my hair. As far as shampoo goes, only do the top of your head (the shampoo will go down your hair). Conditioning, well, what they said is right. If all else fails… switch brands. Really, it’s great. I used to use the most expensive brands, my hair got tired of it. for a few days while I was camping, I used cheap motel stuff and it worked wonders. Give your hair something new once in a while.
I need some help here, I moved from Alaska to Michigan last year and ever since I have notice I ?
Q: contstantly have dandruff/flakes and a red scalp. I do have long thick hair as well. I have tried anti dandruff shampoo and to no aveil have had no luck! This is reoccuring and I can’t get rid of it. Would you say its from not rinsing good thou I do rinse for 3-5 mins straight, or would you say it has something to do w the water here and dry scalp? What remedies do you suggest?
A: Ew. Never scratch your scalp like that. That can cause infection. Apple cider vinegar works really well. If you take 1/2 cup vinegar, and 2 cups water and rinse your hair with it. It really helps to get rid of dandruff. I deal with this every winter living in Kansas. I usually take an empty shampoo bottle and make a mix to keep in the shower. Also, this apple cider vinegar will help get rid of product buildup if you have any of that.
Are soap bars safe for hair???
Q: I’m freaking out with all these chemicals that are widely used in hair care products.I found out that silicones are not safe for hair.They cause build up,split ends,dry scalp and thinning of hair,though most -if not every-major brands use them to give hair a silky feeling.I looked at the labels of the products i use and everyone of them had cones in them(dimethicone and cyclomethicone).I was thinking about using goat’s milk soap to wash my hair.Is soap proper for use on hair or will it dry it out and cause thinning and split ends?What products would you suggest me to use?Oh,and something else,does Johnnson’s baby shampoo have silicones in it?
A: Don’t use bar soap for your hair. Use SHAMPOO, it’s not dangerous ..If you’re that worried about your hair, use a shampoo with vitamins in it.http://tinyurl.com/2dro8d
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