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What three things can stick to magnets

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Things that can stick to magnets are copper, iron and steel, brass, zinc, silver, gold, mercury and magnesium! Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-three-things-can-stick-to-magnets ]
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What three things can stick to magnets
Things that can stick to magnets are copper, iron and steel, brass, zinc, silver, gold, mercury and magnesium! Thanks for using ChaCha!

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A: you are so right !!! GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
Seeking advice from crafty people?
Q: Reposting a question because I haven’t received any answers yet.My fiance and I are planning to theme our wedding around cherry and plum blossoms. One thing we’d really like to do is send out unique “save the date” cards. We’d really like to do something very similar to what you’ll see in these pictures:http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3222/2296748033_b23477a3ef.jpg?v=0http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3089/2297541658_2cb21b4a18.jpg?v=0We like how it’s three-dimensional with the petals folded, “blooming” to reveal the message inside. However, we want something more simple, with only 5 petals that have that more distinct cherry blossom petal shape. We want to also put a magnet on the back so our recipients can stick this cute flower to their fridge as a reminder.Does anyone know where I can go to find something like this? Or any advice on how to make it ourselves?Thanks!
A: found these – hope they helphttp://www.ruthannzaroff.com/mirkwooddesigns/pointedflower.htmhttp://www.karlum.com/templates.htm(scroll down for list of petal cards templates)
Any creative teens? If so, please answer this?
Q: I got no answers in Books & Authors. Alright, well I thought up this basic premise for a novel, but I don’t know in which direction I should take it. So does anyone have any ideas? (I won’t take them unless you give me permission; I’ll only use it for inspiration. Plus I only write for fun anyway.)Parker McClure is an extremely intelligent seventeen year old girl who is trapped in her terrible, ghetto school located in Salt Lake City, Utah. She wants to get into Princeton and knows that with her schools reputation it’s very unlikely. She convinces her mother (who is less than caring) to let her attend Forland Academy, a sleep away magnet school only about thirty minutes away. Problem? Forland is an all-boys school. The all-girls school is across the street from Forland, called Oakland Academy, is filled. Although Parker would obviously prefer to attend Oakland, she must wait until space opens. Since school is ending in just shy of three months, she must get her grades up for the current quarter if she wants to get into Princeton. She decides to stick it out and go to Forland, disguised as a boy. Little does know until she arrives, she has two roommates named John and Griffin. Wearing a wig and guys clothes Parker is able to disguise herself as a guy but runs into trouble living with John and Griffin. Griffin has a crush on one of the girls at the all-girls school across the street named Claire.I’m not sure what to do from here. I want Parker and John to have a romance, but maybe there can be a love triangle type thing? I was also thinking one of the guys (preferably Griffin) finds out about Parker really being a girl but he can’t tell her he knows because ______? I just can’t think of what to put. I also want a bad guy, but I’m not sure how he can fit in. Maybe Griffin can secretly be the bad guy? PLEASE SHARE ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE! Also, what do you think of the plot? Lastly, should it be in 1st POV of 3rd POV? Thank you! :)- OCD.
A: i’m a teenage writer myself and I must say,I’m pretty impressed with your idea :)Your biggest hurdle right now is realism and pulling off the fact that you have a girl, who is obviously going to have to bind her chest and deal with her periods covertly and everything, in with an entire school of boys. It’s going to be tough, but who doesn’t like a challenge?Firstly, I would suggest the story be in 1st person. That way you could more fully explain Parker’s feelings toward being a girl in an entirely boy Academy.Secondly, I think Griffin sounds like a very intense character and sounds like someone a reader could very easily “fall in love” with. So, naturally, he must be the bad guy ;)From where you are now, obviously already having a reasonably developed plot, things are getting down to the details. I like the idea of Griffin finding out she’s really a girl.Here’s my idea: Griffin has a very deep crush on a girl attending Oakland who is Parker’s best friend. Parker lives with Griffin and she observes that he tends to get very obsessive and controlling. In co-ed events, it’s obvious that Parker’s best friend is very “into” Griffin and it seems like they’re close to having a relationship. Obviously, Parker is wary to allow her best friend to fall into a relationship that could be dangerous, so she attempts to warn her best friend of Griffin’s darker side.However, Griffin soon discovers her secret and threatens to expose Parker if she doesn’t make the relationship happen. Amid Griffin’s cruel threats he finds that he can’t control feelings for Parker. So, as Parker grows closer to John and tries to find a way to avoid having her best friend be with Griffin, she dicovers that her reasons for not wanting her best friend and Griffin together is not because Griffin has a strange side but because she wants Griffin for herself.And yet Griffin refuses to allow himself to admit his feelings.That’s just something for you to chew on, it’s obviously not perfect but I hope it frees the air for some inspiration :)))
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