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Why doesn’t chocolate give you acne

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Although eating too many sugary, high-fat foods is never a good idea, studies show that no specific food has been proven to cause acne. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-doesn%27t-chocolate-give-you-acne ]
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Why doesn’t chocolate give you acne
Although eating too many sugary, high-fat foods is never a good idea, studies show that no specific food has been proven to cause acne. ChaCha!
Does chocolate give you acne?
It depends on some pplz skin. It didn’t give me pimples at first, but then i noticed that i stopped eating a lot of chocolate an my skin looked clearer.
Does eating chocolate give you acne?
I have an allergic reaction to chocolate….I get raised bumps on my skin…mostly my arms. But I do occasionally get them on my face as well… So I don’t believe it when someone makes a general statement that something doesn’t happen…wh…

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Why doesn’t chocolate give you spots/acne?
Q: if you had the sentence, ‘chocolate gives you spots,’ and you had to pick true or false, I know it would be false but then the question also tells you to give reasons for youre answer. what would you write?why wud it be false though? how wud you give reasons?
A: The fact that consuming chocolate causes acne is a myth that has been around for years. Doctors and scientists after considerable research have refuted the old myth that chocolate causes acne. Why is that?A chocolate bar is innocent, but is blamed regularly. Other foods that are blamed include pizza, potato chips and dairy products. No foods have been proven to cause acne. If a person maintains a healthy diet and consumes healthy vegetables and fruits, acne can be prevented.Over active oil glands, dead skin cells that lodge in skin pores, and hormonal changes are what cause acne.
a question about acne & foods that causes it.?
Q: so “scientific studies” have supposedly proved that foods like chocolate and chips DOES NOT cause acne. however, through word of mouth.. a lot of foods certainly DOES cause acne for a lot of people. why is this? why do studies show that it doesn’t? I’m talking about foods like chips, fried stuff, chocolate etc. someone enlighten me please? and it would also help if you guys give me a list of foods that DOES cause acne.
A: It is said that food does not cause acne, however what you put in your body is what will come out. Since acne is caused by the enclosement of oil secreting pores and secondary inflammation, one would suggest avoiding foods high in fat (by that I mean high saturated fats, omega acids are good for you). So try avoiding greasy foods like pizza, nachos, hamburgers, french fries, tacos, fried foods, and so on.
Acne is ruining my life?
Q: My life is so pathetic.I didn’t start getting any acne till I was 16, before I was 16 at school I didn’t have a spot nothing my skin was perfect, I didn’t appreciate my skin then, I would wipe dirty hands on it without caring and never get spots. I had girlfriends, I had so many friends back then, went out everyday pretty much you know just everything was great. I was looking forward to growing up and becoming 18 as they’re meant to be the best years of your life.Now I’m currently 18 approaching 19 soon and I wash my hands for about 1 minute 15 times a day because I’m paranoid in case my dirty hands touch my face and unless anything is spotless when I touch it, I will wash my hands straight after.The best days of my life for the last 2 1/2 years have been playing video games, why? Because it’s the only time in my life I don’t think about my skin.I have tried 100’s of products, been on roaccutane 2 times (both times done nothing).Been to doctors, derms the lot been perscribed about 10 different antibiotics, plus roacutane on 2 occasions for a couple of months each, again nothing has helped it.I have stopped eating foods I like (cereal, chocolate, pizza’s, fatty foods etc.) for a year now and nothing has changed.I pray to God every night to help make my skin better and to take me back to just before I was 16.I have to go to college with 17-20 year olds and yes I’m not the only one who has acne but know one has anywhere near what I have.In my class everyone has flawless skin like I used to have.I get the pissed taking out of me every class, usual comments are as follows, “If my face looked like your’s I would suicide” get that a couple times a day and just other stuff saying, “what the fuck is wrong with your face”, “go look in a mirror you’re face is fucked” etc.The couple of friends I do have now all have perfect skin which just makes me feel crappy.I look in the mirror all the time during college, I feel even more down.Every minute when I’m there I think about my skin, what are others saying about me, how bad does it look to them, is it really red new etc.I would never ever suicide because of my parents and family.However I just feel so down, I just want to get rid of my acne (then if that ever goes I will be left with my acne scaring lol).My life is so shit I just want to go back to when I was 14-16 just have that life back again.Acne is ruining my life, I would give an arm for it to go away.I know I’m selfish people in different countries would kill to be in my shoes away from poverty etc. but I just think about everyone at college having flawless skin.I don’t know why I posted on here but I just have to get it out.Other people smoke all day, get stoned, eat junk, don’t shower and have perfect skin.I shower every day eat healthy and carry on getting it, it’s not fair.I have never had any luck in my life.I haven’t had time to re read this so please excuse spelling and grammar as most of this probably doesn’t make sense.
A: Well first of all I am very sorry for your skin problems, and I understand the down feeling when you suffer and everyone else looks fine. The one prescription medication that I know of that may be able to help you, is retin-a. The active ingredient in Retin-A is something called Treninoin, which is an acidic form of Vitamin A. It assists loosening the pores to release dirt and oil build-up from the skin. Retin-A also helps prevent the skin from forming new build-ups by keeping the skin from sticking together. I hope this helps and good luck. MC
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