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Will tanning help get rid of back acne

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While tanning can help to camouflage and dry out zits, it causes your oil glands to produce more sebum, which means more acne. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-tanning-help-get-rid-of-back-acne ]
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Will tanning help get rid of back acne
While tanning can help to camouflage and dry out zits, it causes your oil glands to produce more sebum, which means more acne.

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Will tanning in the tanning bed get rid of body acne scars?
Q: I’m going to prom and I need to know if I tann at least 3 or 4 times a week in the tanning bed will it hide the scars? If I put miderma on them will that also help them dissapear? Help ! I have got to get this fixed I can’t go to prom with back and chest acne scars!plus I have to tan so i dont look super white in my dress. I’m naturally tan but I just want to get a little darker.
A: NO! It will lighten them. scars don’t tan. Mederma and bio oil are your best bets. then use an in the can tanner that matches your skin to rub on yourself before prom. make sure the color is right for you though.
Does the SUN get rid of BACNE? (back acne)?
Q: I pretty much used every product for back acne and nothing seems to work. (Neutrogena Acne body Scrub and Wash, Pro Active, Natures Cure.. etc, etc.) I was wondering if i tan outside, will the sun get rid of my bacne, and will it cause it from never coming back again? Please help I have a wedding to go to on July 19th and im wearing a backless dress.
A: sun will get rid of the scars that u have back there and it will kinda darken the skin and make them less noticable. YES it clears it up- it dries em out. THE BEST THING TO DO is go to the beach. go into the water, take some sand and rub if u can, let the salt soften the skin and the sand to scrub it off. THEN lay out in the sun and let the color darken the skin and help the acne to dry and scab off.
going tanning to get rid of acne?
Q: first i want to start this off with i dont want any answers telling me not to go tanning or anything like that because i do it every year and it helps clear up my acne on my chest arms face and back..anyways this year i want to get rid of it fast so i’ve decided to use a tanning bed to get rid of my acne..my question is how many times a week should i go? and will i still get a nice tan if i dont use an oil? and how long untill i get a nice tan..also i jsut wanted to say i got rid of the acne on my arms just by wearing a sleevless shirt all day at work for 2 days and its completly gone.how long till i get a nice dark tan like my arms and face have? i tan easy btw and dont have pasty white skin
A: whats happening when your going tanning is the skin is protecting itself buy burning. You are only creating dead layers of skin on top of dead layers of skin and its just covering up the dirt thats creating the acne lessons in the first place. . so you arnt doing anything to help the acne and you certanily arnt clearing the acne your just covering it with dead skin. Although the sun does dry up the skin and help heal the lessons on your face/back/arms to a certain extent… you dont want to go tanning to much because with an acne skin in the future you will have made your acne scars much much worse buy adding on sun spots. For a quick solution yes tanning does hid the acne for the time being but if you are looking to clear the acne up and start a nice fresh tan on healthy skin i can help you!!….. i am an esthetician..(skin specialist) who happens to LOVE the sun myself… but i suggest you heal you skin instead of making it worse by hiding it.just for the hell of it look into a product i am stating to get to know that i feel is AMAZING.. its none of that pro active or Clearasil bull shit.. it is called dermalogica.. visit the website, i guarantee it will help.
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