I need good facts that prescription medication does?

Q:i need good facts about prescription medication of what it does and also why it is so healthy
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It depens on the med. I my self try to never put prescription in my body try 4Life it is better for youhttp://6225161.my4life.com
Try http://www.webmd.com and type in the prescription name.
Web MD has lots of good info, just type in the name of the meds you’re looking for
Not sure what you mean? What it does? Which prescription medication are you talking about? There are thousands and thousands. Healthy? As apposed to…what?Please repost with more details. I’ll be glad to answer it.
try mayoclinic.com-they have lots of info
Do you know what the PDR is? Physician’s Desk Reference. Its a book that lists drugs and what they do. I’m curious how you can put healthy and drugs in the same sentence?
Precription drugs are not healthy for you, but you might try doing a Google Search if this is something for school.
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