***HERBALIST question***?

Q:Is it possible to preserve/increase the potency of the THC after the plant has been picked?
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I dont think so.but there probably some chemicals you can use. But I do have a link on how to make some awesome hyrdoponic.step by step instructions.very nice bud 🙂
Not really. There are three active chemicals in pot. One of them is THC. As pot ages THC turns into another chemical–the one that burns you out. You can preserve potency by putting it in a fridge/freezer. While the plant is growing you can make biggger buds by spraying them with sugar water. I guess there are ways to make pot more potent after its been picked but not many people wanna smoke windex or crystal with their and if you got caught doing that well—you know–the beats.next time i recommend you try before you buy. hahaa cigarette after a joint increases potency by a stoner guess of 10%. also THC is not a plant.
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