How to get rid of bone spur on ankles?

Q:bone spur on the tip of the heel
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I would take magnesium glycinate to dissolve the calcium deposits, and make sure you are not taking inorganic limestone derived calcium. The stuff causes many problems, and is actually not very good for bone health. Apple cider vinegar can dissolve the calcium carbonate shell off of an egg in several days. Its also a great tonic. Give it a try.
Sorry pal, the only way they will go away is via surgery. Anti-inflammatory medication can stop the growth and decrease pain associated with it, but surgery is the only way. Source(s):I am a certified athletic trainer
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Use a heating pad and make up a cotton compress with Castor oil (put a plastic bag around your whole foot, because it can get messy.) It should take about two weeks if you apply it nightly for 30 minutes. If that doesn’t work, see a doctor. WHAT THE FRUCKyoure crazy.see a doctor.
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