What’s the easiest way to buy marijuana?

Q:I have a sleeping problem, and I’m going to try some weed to help me sleep. Problem is, I’m 24, I don’t know anyone who sells it, I don’t know how much it costs, and I don’t know how to acquire it without being arrested. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, if you’re gonna tell me to take sleeping pills, I’ve already went that route, and if your going to tell me DON’T DO IT, then don’t answer this question. Thanks for any help I can get.
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Try checking out 420marijuanaalternatives.com that is your best route but if you insist on the real thing you can buy anything in Tijuana but then you have to get it back across the border. The real stuff can cost anywhere from 30 to 400 an oz. . I know many many many people who smoke weed and to be honest dont start smoking it . People get really stupid when they smoke weed and be prepared to gain weight because you will want to eat and eat and run the risk of getting busted along with weed stays in your system for up to 30 days so you would be totally screwed if you were asked for a piss test at work. Try the alternatives.
I’m not sure if I would consider marijuana a sleep aid, but I would think going to nearby college campus bars would be a good start. They like to party and usually aren’t too cautious. Older people would think you are a cop. You can ask people on the street, but beware, it may be laced with cocaine, or grown with lysol. You have to find a reliable source. Don’t pay anymore than $10 a gram, that’s what I hear. Or you may be able to get a prescription for majuana pills.
Well, one thing you can try that isn’t weed, is catnip tea. I don’t know a good way to get weed, but I know catnip relaxes me enough to let me sleep and doesn’t make me feel sick like weed does.Alcohol also helps me get to sleep. I can understand having problems getting to sleep… Good luck.
Id say just ask some of your friends chances are some of them smoke or knows someone that does. Don’t buy from random people on the street. You will more than likely get ripped off. Prices vary1/8 of mids (middle quality) $20-301/8 of dank (high quality bud) $40-60 depending on the strainHope that this helps.P.S. Smokeing MJ helps me sleep as very well after I come down. Hope you can find some bud and get some sleep soon also enjoy the buzz.
Theres a herbal supplement called valerian root that works really well. I use to smoke marijuana but I started getting sick all the time – it affects your immunity. Im not saying don’t do it, just that there are other alternatives.If I wanted to buy pot, all Id need to do is ask one of my friends!
I would ONLY ask the people I know, and see if they know people who sell it, (They do) I live in Nelson Co. and they say 1 out of 4 homes have an indoor growroom in this Co. NOT ME ! So try asking YOUR buddies ! GOOD LUCK
I have no idea who would sell it. I have my own plants. And yes it does help me sleep. I do not trust anyone to buy it from on the street. So i grow my own, and i know where its been!
So don’t get arrested doing it.. that’s totally dumb.Not sure what state you’re in.. but San Francisco, CA and Oakland, CA have doctors that can prescribe it for medical conditions. Insomnia being one of those conditions.You can also check out Canada, too.. if you’re Northern US.. Just do an online search for Medical Marijuana or Medical Marijuana prescriptions .. it should lead you somewhere.
there use to be a site where one could buy but i do not see it anymore…….try this site may be u might strick luck http://www.qualitygenerics.com/index.php?ref=hitenlakra
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