Eye care alternate medicine?

Q:In few of the suggestions regarding eye care, Visine eye drops, was recommended. But I find it difficult to locate the same in Bangalore.Can some body suggest me an alternate eyedrops. This drops was recommended for reducing burning sensation in the eye.
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Homeopathic Treatment for Burning Eyes:-Due to acute cold,burning,smarting eyes;with bland discharge Allium cepa.30C 4 hourly With acrid discharge;restlessness and unquenchable thirst for little quantity of water at a time at short intervals Arsenic alb.30C 4 hourly With bodyache,dullness,lethargy,shi… up and down the spine,congestion head,thirstlessness.Desire to lie quietly;better passing urine Gelsemium 30C 4 hourly Redness and burning;eye-lids swollen,throbbing;worse after lying down Belladonna 30C 4 hourly Burning and swelling of lids,discharge acrid Euphrasia 30C 4 hourly Take Care and God Bless you ! you shoul try to aviod cleaning products, they are highly toxic
Visine is actually not a good drop to use. I’m not sure if these drops are available in Bangalore but Systane, Refresh Tears, and Genteal are great drops to use. Try to find drops without preservatives if you can. Good luck
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