Does anyone know a way to get rid of a BAD headache without medication?

Q:Does anyone know a way to get rid of a BAD headache without medication?
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YES..just answer this first ..what is causing my headache?? Then take care of that problem first and it will go away on its own. Someone once told me to bend my left arm so it is in the position you would have it if it were in a sling. Then take your right thumb and push in around the joint of your left arm. Keep moving your thumb until you find a painful spot, then just keep massaging with your thumb. I couldn’t believe it, the pain started to diminish right away! Worth a try! Source(s)
I highly suggest you remove dairy and wheat for 2 weeks. You may see some suprising differences. Also, butterbar and feverfew have clinical backing as natural anti-headache approaches. Peppermint and Lavendar oils on the temples can work wonders, as well. to relive head /neck tension. (really not meant to be funny )long Good sexworks for me . Source(s):living Life..
We use therapeutic magnets, and they work great. My husband has a pair of insole and when he gets a headache he just takes one out of his shoes and puts it on his head and his headache goes away in about 10 mins. If you would like more info just email me at [email protected] Tie a bandana tightly around your head and sleep. That always works for me.
Shiatsu. Japanese alternative medicine through pressure points all over the body.For headaches:With you pointer finger and your thumb massage the meaty part of your other hand just above the base of you thumb. Massage in a circular motion continuously. Don’t be afraid to pinch hard and apply pressure. There will be some minor pain as you apply the pressure (remember this is a pressure point, it is supposed to hurt a little). If applied correctly, relief is almost instantaneous. If your on hand gets tired just switch to the other and message the same place on that hand.It may take some practice, but you will be surprised at how fast your headache goes away once you master the technique. Source(s):Shiatsu, Ancient Japanese Medicine. Personal experience. If you are looking for a vitamin or herb to relieve a headache. Use vitamin is a natural blood thinner. It has the same effects as aspirin. Also take fish oil caplets. This is also a natural blood thinner and relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, as well as helps other things.
THINK yourself better while continuing to be active. Don’t sit or lay down, it will just get worse. You have to try to work it off. Drink a glass of water.Sometimes headaches are a symptom of being slightly dehydrated.
Head aches are cause by many different reasons. Some are serious, but most head aches are tension head aches. Chiropractic care works very well for most types of head aches. The reason being is that your muscles can get so tight that they restrict motion in your spine and irritate spinal nerves etc. You can also get refferal pain from trigger points (tight bands of muscle) that can radiate to your head. Try rubbing the back of your neck to get the oxygen flowing, because that’s what lacking.
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