Anyone know of a good herb used for healthy cool eyes?

Q:my eyes are burning dry alot poor circulation i guess
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I’ve never been into using herbs but once several years ago, I had an eye infection and a co-worker made a “tea” of eyebright herb. Stupid me….she said it was a tea and so that night I drank it. The whole cup full. It tasted awful. Next day she asked if it helped and when I told her I drank it, she rolled on the floor. It was to be used as an eye wash. At any rate, my eyes got better right away. True story!!
Dry eyes affect millions. Instead of turning to herbs – use tried and true drops for dry eyes. Look for drops that are preservative free. Systane, genteal, refresh are great brands to try.
Dude, your supposed to smoke the herbs not put it in your eyes. Try using a bong.
There are a lot of products out there claiming to be made with some form of herb – watch out for the many ingredients that are man made.You might start your search by looking for organically grown herbs and researching the basic 7 to 10 herbs that have been historically used for body care.One of these is lavender – not sure if it works with eyes, but I expect that the lavender hydrosol might be a big help. Lavender Hydrosol is one product that is producted when lavender (or other herbs in making their hydrosols) are steamed in a distillation process. The caution here, even for organic hydrosol, is to purchase the hydrosol that has been made in copper pots versus stainless steel.
I don’t know about herbs but here we go ..1. peel cucumber, make rings , lye down flat keep rings on your eyes for 10- fifteen minutes, cucumber should be room temperature, 2. splash water in your eyes gently three to four times day, specially before going to bed…3. close your eyes bring palms of your hand gently on your eyelids.. stay like like that for 15-20 seconds,, repeat this 3-4 times in a day…..i don’t know how much strain u give to eyes. but at every opportunity close your eyes for few seconds
Sounds like you have been using the wrong herb. get some “liquid tears” any drugstore………it sounds like you have conjunctivitis… may also be allergic to something….there are “allergy eyedrops” visine makes it..good luck!
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