What is the best way to boost your immune system…?

Q:heres the catch tho. I’m allergic to fruit. had a chest cld for 3 weeks now.
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fizzy vit c tablets that go in water they are 500mg and take Echanacia tablets as well 2 a day. A visit to a homeopath would help they have remedies for a 2 week boost that can get you back on your feet again. Alternatively a cheaper option is to go to a health food store and ask thier advice Astragalus capsules worked for me too.
by eating a well balance meal and taking lot of vitamins supplement.thou if your immune system has had a strong foundation from birth there won’t be a need for boosting,all the same you should have seen your g.p by now for more test,remember the immune system is like the life force of the body once it shut down the consequence is fatal.
I’m not a big fan of taking loads of supplements as I think you should eat healthy and that way get all the vitamins you need.However – I come from one of the coldest and darkest places on the earth – and I’ve been fed a spoon of codliver oil every morning since I was very little. Now I stick to the tablets – two every morning during winter time – and I am NEVER ill. (Touch wood)Cod liver oil is also brilliant for boosting your concentration!(and – it sounds a lot worse than it is.)
The following foods contain natrual antibiotics which will boost your immune system: garlic, lime, cayenne pepper, fresh ginger. Lots of rest will help too.good luck!
I am sorry you are not feeling well. What has worked wonders for me in every way has been Natren’s pro biotic. I was reading last year that people who take pro biotics have 60% less colds and flu as those who do not take it. I have tried about 3 different kinds and Natren is the very, very best. I have been taking it since last Christmas. It is very expensive and they all are. You can go to their website and get their phone #. It is best to call and talk to the representatives. They can send you all kinds of information and talk to you about which kind to take. I very much recommend this company.Good luck!
Avoid stressful aspects of life if you can; try yoga, meditation.etc to keep you calm and peaceful.Play lots of soothing music and be with people you get on well with; avoid social isolation. Eat a good diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables including citrus fruit/blackcurrants etc for the vitamin C. Echinacea is supposed to be good for an immune system boost.
Echinachea take it now to get rid of what you’ve got and than regularly to boost your poor immune system !I wish you better ! It is a flower not a fruit !
for a cold, zinc (don’t stop zinc for at least a week or two after getting better)no harm in trying garlic or C or echinacea/goldensealtake a multivitamin. don’t eat much carbs. no sugar.hot shower until you feel warm and fuzzy, then go as cold as humanly possible for a minute, then back and forth a few times.simple stretching routines (yoga/t’ai chi)i’ve had luck before with “Airborne” brand herbal supplement.
Echinacha is supposed to be very good. You can get it in various forms in health shops.
The best way to boost your immune system is to take a good multivitamin daily and a good antioxidant supplement daily.
sex, sex, sex and more sex. it naturally boosts the immune system, altho with your chest cold u might be a little spluttery, so go slow
Vitamin C is a powerful immune system support. 1000 mg/day is the recommmended dosage to prevent colds and common infections. If you still feel a cold coming on, increase the dosage to 100 mg/ every 2 hours, combined with 2 Echinacea capsules. Take 1 zinc lozenge per day. Continue until bedtime, and if symptoms persist the next morning, continue for one more day. Symptoms should disappear.Linus Pauling, the only person to win two Nobel Prizes, did extensive research on C and made these recommendations. Personal experience has validated it over and over.Echinacea is an immune system strengthener but is only effective for short-term treatment. Don’t take it daily. Two weeks is the max, but I have never needed it for more than a couple of days.BTW, humans and guinea pigs are the only mammals that don’t produce their own Vitamin C.
I take Bee Pollen for my ammune system, one teaspoon every morning, it also gives you energy. I also make Komboucha Tea which is very healthy for you and your immune system. You can look up the Tea on the internet.
try tofu, pine nuts and lots of veggies
Maitake mushroom extract. It has been shown to elevate killer T cell counts even in AIDS patients. I have had great personal success with this product on my own and with my patients.
multivitamins. you need lots of iron because it works hand in hand with vitamin c, which boosts the immune system. Veggies which have natural antibodies are onions, garlic.and then, not a veggie but honey, has natural antiobiotics, drink it with fruit flavoured tea.my granny used to make us kids drink a tablespoon of oil mixed with vinegar to bring up phlegm and help decongest the phlegm build up.it worked, but its not advised if you’re taking medication with it.To help clear a cold, chop up a teaspoon of garlic and warm it up in half a cup of (preferably) semi-skimmed milk, cause full fat milk is not good if you want to avoid phlegm build up. boil the milk and the garlic and drink when hot but not too hot (i.e boiling)you’ve got to eat lots of iron in your diet, if you expect vitamin c to do its job, the vit c fights off infections but the iron helps with absorption of vit c. vit c is found naturally in potatoes among other things (as u may know, oranges) etc however, you need natural iron supplements such as is found in spinach, meats, fish, beans, lentils, soya etc. soya is especially recommended cause not only does it contain naturally more protein than average meat, but it contains a whole lot less the amount of fat that especially red meat contains. A good curry, try chicken dhansak (contains red lentils and chilli) and you’ll feel loads better already. ask them if they put in lemon (cause i think they might, in which case it would be better if you ask them before hand at the curry house, to not include it). Anyway, good luck.
Vitamin C
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