Narcotics/ OD?

Q:Is it possible to Over Dose on marijuanna? No I’m not a pot head.
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No, although it does carry a gene that give’s men man boob’s dont know from experience but that’s what my little brother’s probation officer told good luck:)
I don’t believe so, however, if the weed has been laced with something else, like LSD or something to that effect, it could probably hurt you. You can always call a hospital or some help line and ask them.
Depends on what you mean by OD. When you have smoked too much pot you usually pass out or throw up. I have never heard of anyone dying from ingesting too much weed. However, if it is mixed with other drugs(Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Etc.) then it could kill you. A friend of mine smoke a cocaine laced joint and suffered a heart attack, at age 17!
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