How do I become a ninja turtle?

Q:How do I become a ninja turtle?
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The 11 steps of becomeing a ninja turtleStep 1. Paint yourself greenStep 2. Eat PizzaStep 3. Get turtle shellStep 4. Eat pizzaStep 5. Wrap a bandana around your head (with eye slits of corse)Step 6. Eat PizzaStep 7. Go to sewerStep 8. eat pizzaStep 9. Go find a giant rat to make you a karatie masterStep 10. Then go fight crime!Step 11. eat more pizza
Undergo a death defying series of scientific experimentations to change yourself into a turtle, find Splinter the rat and train under him for a while to perfect your ninja skills. After all that, find arch nemesises and try to save the world and capture them. get into a toxic waste accident.
First, you’ll need to find a pool of OOOZE. Then find a rat named’ll also help if you have three friends named after Renaissance painters. well.first you need some toxic ooze..
You have to start living in the sewer then wait for the ninja master to seek you out. Learn to be ninja-ish, paint yourself green, then grow a shell and wear a bandana around your head.
go to the nearest pond and go ribit
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