When i smoke weed and exhale it burns my nose.why?

Q:When i smoke weed and exhale it burns my nose.why?
More Answers to “When i smoke weed and exhale it burns my nose.why?
The smoke is hot and has alot of chemicals- Don’t stick it up your nose.
Don’t inhale the joint through your nose have you just started soking weed?if so this is probably why, just roll a couple more bad boys and smoke away, your nose wont burn for much longer!
Because it is destructive to your mucus membranes to smoke any thing including weed, tobacco, cloves, anything. That is why we avoid smoke inhalation in fires.It is destructive to our bodies. Your body is telling you something when you nose burns, or your cough. I am not advocating the use of marijuana in any way, but any thing effects your body by smoking will give you the same effect if consumed another way. Like as in tobacco users will switch to chew, or nicotine gum.
because you’re inhaling burning bits of tar and crystalline THC. It burns every part of your body that it’s exposed to to some degree. Exhaling through your nose will get you slightly higher slightly quicker, and will give you nasal problems. It’s not really worth it unless it’s cooled by a water bong or bubbler. And as for consuming it any other way, you can’t just eat straight marijuana, it takes too long and you don’t notice it. Learn to make brownies, I don’t think it’s legal for me to give you advice on how to make them.And as for it’s legality, it won’t be fully legal any time soon. There’s too much coruption behind the war on drugs and marijuana’s situation specifically. We will never know why it’s not legal, we can only hope it will change some day Because its illegal!
Maby the same reason that when you burp through your nose it hurts. I think mainly because your not used to blowing(lol) it out your nose. If you remember when you first started smokin, you problay coughed a bit more right. I dont know, but i do know if you roll a blunt, shot gun it in through your nose, you get a rush and high as s hit Aren’t you supposed to exhale through your mouth??
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