I had a massage today, but when i got home i was in pain in some places.?

Q:He said that i have “knots in my back” and that another time will help reduce them. is it suppose to hurt?Im from Australia, SydneyWhere is everyone from?
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it is not unusual to be sore after a massage. the best remedy is to drink pleanty of water, take a long hot bath with epsonsalt and soak. if you want another massage, wait at least 48-72 hours and let your body start healing itself. the sore places you have are from the toxins being released, or the fascia surrounding the muscles released. take it easy for a day and the soreness will pass. From a Texas massage therapist and registered nurse. have been doing massages over 9 years. good luck and keep getting massages. next time, you might have the therapist go not quite as deep and do a slower, more relaxing massage.. It is common to be sore after a massage if you are not used to bodywork, the work was intense (perhaps too intense, not necessarily), you don’t exercise regularly, etc. Massage releases lactic acid stored in your tissues. It’s that which makes you sore and you have more of a store of it if you don’t exercise or otherwise move it out.It’s also common to need more than one session to resolve a problem. Think of how long it took to create those knots and know they won’t usually disappear in a single one hour session.It’s important that the therapist ask you about your pain level during and after the massage and that he accomodate your comfort. He may need to use less pressure with you (which may take it longer to treat the back), or you may decide it’s worth the pain to be rid of it faster, or you may need a bodyworker with a different technique or approach that best suits your body. Open communication with the therapist is the key (and a therapist that is experienced in what they are doing. There are some who believe more pressure is better, when sometimes it’s how you use the force, not how much force you can use.) If it didn’t hurt too bad, I’d suggest going back for another session. But make sure to discuss this with him. If it hurt more than you’re comfortable with or you have a recommendation for someone else, don’t see him again. Good luck! Source(s):12 yrs massage therapist and instructor from Texas, USA
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