Using Clove Oil?

Q:Does Clove Oil clear up infections?
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Clove Oil is not very good at killing germs. But, there are some essential oils that are! 2 come to mind: Oregano Oil and Thyme Oil. Thyme Oil should not be swallowed! It is very potent. Oregano Oil can be taken internally. I use the capsules. You must be careful that you get the pure Oregano Oil! The brand I use is called “Now”. It works for me! You can also apply Oregano Oil typically for skin infections. Its been said that Japanese Scientists have tested Oregano Oil against the HIV virus. Supposedly the oil destroyed it. Whether its true or not I dunno. But I do know it kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
Anything you ever wanted to know about clove oil can be found by typing in your search bar, uses of clove oil, scroll down to site #2 – Clove – Herb Database + Images. This site will tell you everything. Hope this helps, Good Luck!
i dont know if it clears up infections but it is the best thing for toothache. the bad taste is worth the relief until you can get to the dentist
It might have some limited effectiveness in topical (skin) infections. Tea tree oil is very good for these kind of problems and is recommended by herbalists for infections of the skin and nails.
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