What is teatra oil? And how does it lower pH acidity? What else helps lower pH acid in our bodies?

Q:I was tested and found I had high range of acid in my body. I want to reduce that and was told teatra oil was helpful. So I want more information on it and anything else that would help my health in that area and in lowering my blood pressure. Thank you.
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How interesting.There is no such thing as *”teatra oil”*… there is also nothing called *pH acidity*.;-)
Anything green will help bring down acidity in the body. Almonds are the only nut that’s alkaline. I would strongly suggest that you visit a naturopath to find the correct balance of herbal therapies to bring your body back into a balanced pH status. You can check with your local health food store to see if there’s one they would recommend, or you can check the link below. They have graduates listed by state on their web site.
Provides ATP (cellular energy) To The Muscle Cells While Improving Recovery Time!5-Tetra is a combination of 4 powerful, clinically proven, naturally occurring substances. These key ingredients work synergistically to provide muscles with true increased energy at the cellular level. This will dramatically improve performance, contractility, strength, power output and total work your muscles are able to perform. No other supplement in existence today does what this unique formulation has been shown to do. 5-Tetra works by directly supplying ATP (cellular energy) to the muscle cells. Additionally, 5-Tetra is an aggressive ATP regenerator, supporting the synthesis and regeneration of new ATP within the muscle cell. Increased ATP allows increased training load, and harder, more intense muscular contractions to stimulate maximal muscle growth. 5-Tetra also stimulates increased testosterone production, and facilitates fat mobilization and the use of fat for energy.5-Tetra BenefitsDirectly increases levels of adenosine triphosphate (cellular energy)Increases blood flow to muscle cellsClinically tested, patentedIncreases ATP by supplying direct precursor, cAMPIncreases testosterone productionIncreases blood flow (for increased “pump”)Increases oxygen efficiencySignificantly decreases fatiguePyruvate (calcium pyruvate anhydrous)Allows for more efficient energy production during anaerobic activityFacilitates fatty acid and amino acid conversion into muscle energyWorks synergistically with other ingredients to increase overall production of ATPYohimbine HCIIncreases lipolysisFacilitates use of fat for energyIncreases testosterone productionIncreases peripheral blood flow
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