Apple cider vinegar and eyesight?

Q:What effect does consuming apple cider vinegar everyday have on the body, especially on eyesight.?
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Cataract development in the eye is associated to oxidation of the lens of the eye due to alterations caused by free radicals changing the structure of the lens. With this in mind apple cider vinegar can be of use with this problem, since the antioxidant properties of beta-carotene contained in apple cider vinegar, are great in combating free radicals.
My grandmother drinks it with something everyday because its supposed to help with weight. But i don’t think that it helps your eyesight because she had eye surgery last week. She has been consuming it for 3 years.
Apple cider vinegar also good source of beta carotene that’s mean as good as carrot.Beta carotene is necessary for: proper functioning of the eyes proper functioning of the immune system healthy hair healthy bones healthy teeth healthy nails
About the same effect as water.
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