Anybody tried that Legal Bud thats like pot. but legal?

Q:ex. international oddities.comdid it get you high or is it a rip off?
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never heard of it, but I’m guessing it won’t work
Since the site is down for maintenance I personally can not get into it. So if you are the owner go over and fix it :0)Anyhoo more then likely a rip off!Our state cannabis is legal if and only if you have a documented real medical problem.
It doesn’t work and its terrible for your lungs and your brain.Its a fact that Cannabis doesn’t kill brain cells, it simply “tickles” the receptors that the chemical dopamine resides in. This makes the dopamine go back into your spinalchord reliving back pain and also since its not in your brain you get hungry, hence the munchies.ALL smoke does however contain carbon monoxide but that can be filtered through water or even avoided by cooking or using a vaporizor.The legal bud will not get you stoned, it will just give you a bad headache and a bad taste in your mouth. Probally also sore lungs and not enough money in your wallet to get real nuggets.Salvia Divinorium extract DOES work but its nothing like Cannabis. And its kinda difficult to consume because you have to use a torch lighter, use a water bong, and hold the smoke in your lungs for 30 seconds. Its intense so dont do it alone. But it is legal. Just nothing like cannabis.I’d just stick with cannabis, and be careful not to get caught because the only thing thats dangerous about cannabis is it’s legal status.
Be careful
do you mean medical marijuana?
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