when are u allowed to wear contact lensen?

Q:when are u allowed to wear contact lensen?
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Do you mean how old do you have to be? it depends what you mean.you can get all types of contact lenses that you can wear all day that last from one day to 2 weeks to a month.Go on he Specsavers website, you might be able to find some info on there
High myopia and keratoconus are 2 conditions for compulsory contact lens. Models tv and film stars need them to change the color of eyes. For others it`s their will. when you have bad eyesight. Avoid sleeping in them this may cause infection. otherwise any time you want to.
Whenever it’s comfortable for you. My contact are extended wear meaning it is possible for me to sleep in them. My doctors prefer I didnt for the reason that you are more prone to infection. But i’ve had these type of contacts for over six years and have never had any problems. Keep them in for a couple of days. Take them out the third night. And you can keep them for two weeks. Then trash them for a new pair. It’s pretty easy.
With these new styles, almost all the time. when the voices in your head tell yout that it’s okay.
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