Homemade protein shake?

Q:i dont want any whey and soy.natural ingredients please.cuz im only 13.scared that it might upset my hormones.i need to gain weight.to get rid of that sickly sheen on my face.btw, are protein shakes only for guys to build muscles?
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There’s nothing wrong with whey or soy proteins. Believe me, at your age, your hormones are upset anyway! j/k Protein shakes are for anyone, not just guys trying to build muscles. Muscles are good, even for women!
Protein shakes are for everyone. I used them when I was like 12, and my parents thought I was too skinny. You could just take vitamins for the sickly sheen on you’re face. It won’t upset your hormones so don’t worry. Lastly heres a recipe I found on the internet.1 cup skip milk3 eggs2 containers of plain fat free yogurtmix in a banana or any other fruit for flavourThis shake has about 35-40 grams of protein,under 8 grams of fatand about 50 carbs
soy milk, teaspoon of flaxseed oil bannanas an fuit like pineapple will do it for you.
You will gain weight if you consume more calories than you expend. Of course that’s the general rule, but other factors count in too such as one’s metabolism. You don’t need a protein shake, too much protein is not good for anyone! Puts a lot of extra stress on the body. Although it is still a good idea to make a shake. Just add ingredients that have a lot of calories in them such as banana, nuts, etc. Eat lots of fruits and veggies as that will give a glow to your face. For healthy fat (which we all need) try avocados!
I would try a combination shake of carbs and protein. Four to five ice cubes, any small packet of powder(ones you get at Safeway/King Soopers near the bananas), half container of favorite yogurt, one cup of favorite fruit(fresh or frozen) avoid apples they don’t blend well, one tablespoon of peanut butter, and 12-16 ounces of fat-free milk. Of course blend, but do so, a few ingredients at a time. Well make one to three servings depending on your appetite.
Your on the right track. A protein shake will help your skin. Protein (amino acids) are the building blocks of the body. Everything your see is made up of the digested parts of protein. One of my favorite shakes is:Powdered protein (milk or eggs based)fruit that will blend wellvanilla or honey if the protein isn’t sweetyogurt (optional)With the protein shake also eat foods with oils, fiber and calories.An easy way to get balanced meals is to combine different tastes: sweet, sour, tart etc. This will insure that you get all the nutrients because you have to eat different foods to get all the tastes. A variety of foods is the best way to get 100% of your nutrients.
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