Burning eyes! Help!?

Q:Hi. well first of all.. my eyes are REALLY burning.. they hurt a lot.. is there any home remedies that i can put on them to stop the burning?? please help!
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I use Chamomile drops now. You can probably get them at alternative health stores. You can also mix up you own eye bath solution of Boric acid crystals and sterile water. It would be wise to check the proportions before using this remedy. I have used it for years because of allergies. It works well and costs next to nothing.Most pharmacies sell Boric acid crystals.
Never and I do mean Never, no matter what people write on for a cure, NEVER put anything in your eyes that is not meant to go in. It has to be sterile, It has to be made by a drug company. Many people have gone BLIND by being sooo stupid as to put home remedies in their eyes. Yes your eyes burn, go get them looked at, but could you imagine being blinded by some stupid home remedy, I THINK NOT!
Those liquid eye droppers and then rest in bed for 5-10 minutes. Also take pain reliever pills because your nervous system is killing you.
I had this before and my doctor told me to put the regular Neosporin in my eyes and it worked, but I’m not sure why your eyes are burning. It might be best to go to your doctor. I’m not sure about a natural cure.
Here are a few Homeopathic Head Remedies for Burning sensation in the eyes take the one which seems the most similar to your conditions and you will get well in a few days without any side effcets or complications :- Due to acute cold,burning,smarting eyes;with bland discharge Allium Cepa.30, 4 hourly With acrid discharge;restlessness and unquenchable thirst for little quantity of water at a time at short intervals Arsenic Alb 30, 4 hourly With bodyache,dullness,lethargy,shi. up and down the spine,congestion head,thirstlessness.Desire to lie quietly;better passing urine Gelsemium 30, 4 hourly Redness and burning;eye-lids swollen,throbbing;worse after lying down Belladonna 30. 4 hourly Burning and swelling of lids,discharge acrid Euphrasia 30 4 hourlyTake Care and God Bless you.
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