What to put on a spider’s bite?

Q:I’ve got what looks like a spiders bite on my foot. It’s swollen and kind of sore, but other than that, I’m cool. I have no insur. so I can’t go to the doctor. What should I do to get rid of this?
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Go to your local drug store and get “after bite”. It works for bug bite when your outside. I have used it on spider bites before and it works really well.
Fecal matter from a squirrel. Seriously, good luck trying to catch one of those bushy tailed rascals.
lemon juice
you should go to a doctorThis guy was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider. Day 3The following illustrates the progressionof a brown recluse spider bite. The affected skin actually dies on his body. Day 5Some of the pictures towards the end are pretty nasty,but take a look at the last one — it is a picture of the spider itself. Day 6The Brown Recluse Spider is the mostdangerous spider that we have here in the USA. Day 9A person can die from it’s bite. We all should know what the spider looks like . Day 10Send this around to people you love, because it is almost summertime. People will be digging around, doing yard work, spring cleaning,and sometimes in their attics.The Dangerous Brown Recluse SpiderPlease be careful.Spider bites are dangerous and can have permanentand highly negative consequences.They like the darkness and tend to live in storage sheds or attics or otherareas that might not be frequented by people or light. If you have a need to be in your attic, go up there and turn on a lightand leave it on for about 30 minutes before you go in to do your work.PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO YOUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS!
Try Benedryl pills and creme. And, whatever you do, DO NOT scratch it. If it is a Brown Recluse bite you will do more damage to the tissue scratching it that the toxin would do by itself.
PLEASE watch it & make sure it’s not a brown recluse, those are nasty little critters. Wash it with soap & water, then treat it with antiobtic ointment. But please be careful, if it doesn’t go down soon, you really need to have it looked at.http://www.brown-recluse.com/images/bite7.jpg
If you are bitten by a spider: Wash the site of the spider bite well with soap and water. Apply a cool compress or ice pack over the spider bite location. Over-the-counter pain relievers may be used to relieve symptoms. (Remember, do not give aspirin to children; use acetaminophen or ibuprofen instead). Call the doctor or seek emergency treatment if the victim is a young child, if you think the bite may have been from a black widow or brown recluse spider, if any signs of an allergic reaction occur, if the bite area becomes infected, or if the victim develops a rash or severe illness. Any anti-itch cream stuff. But a spider bite is pretty darn itchy, so.. try not to scratch it or it’ll get worse.But make sure it’s a spider bite: does it have 2 bumps?
Well, how long has it been there? If it’s been there for a while — hey, you’re still alive, so nothing to worry about. Wash it with soap and water, that’s all.If you just got the bite. keep aware of your health, and go to the hospital if things get worse. (Better to be poor than dead!)
my suggestion would be to use tea tree oil, you can find it at any natural foods store. its an anitfungal/antibacterial oil. just a small amount like four times a day should help the swelling and get rid of any itch or discomfort. it actually penetrates the skin so it helps alot more than other topical creams and ointments.
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