Whats the best home remedie for acne?

Q:I’m 32 and still break out,not all the time but sometimes.I’v tried isaprople rubbing alchol and it did work,but dried my skin out,any suggestions would be apreciated.Thanks
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Put a Dab of Honey on the Acne & put a Band-Aid on it over Nite this will do the trick honest.. Try seeing a professional. It doesn’t have to be a $300.00 dermatologist appointment either! Go spend like $40-$50 and get a professional facial at your local spa they will only use professional product and give you the best, personal treatment to meet your needs! Trust me! And you’ll enjoy yourself much more during a facial then you would at a dermatologist office! Source(s):I work at a spa
You should wash your face throughly with face soap every night before going to bed. Liquid soaps with some formula are available in stores, then apply moisturizing cream so it won’t dry your skin. Avoid oily foods. Don’t prick them it will only worsen. Just let it heal naturally. If these doesn’t work read beauty tips or go to your doctor. i’ve had bad acne up until mid 20’s. i’ve tried different cremes & prescribed med but nothing seemed to work. the only tip i can give u is wash your pillow cases & bed sheets on a weekly basis. somone once told me that & i thought it wouldn’t really help but it did.
Try an egg yolk mask..easy to seperate an egg yolk from the white. Whip it up, apply to affected area and let dry. Rinse in shower or sink. It’s a lot cheaper than a visit to the doctor. i usually only get pimples when i have my period or if i am really stressed about something. i’ve found that if i DO NOT POP IT! and about three times a day wipe them with which hazel they go away faster.
Dawn Dish washing detergent. really. Use just a little and Watch out for your eye’s. Witch Hazel, worked well for me.Any acne soap with benzoil peroxideWash your face morning and night. Prevention is easier than a cure.Try using a different soap, face cream, lotion, sunblock, anything you are putting on your face, you may be allergic and this is the way your system reacts.Hope this helps
I also am 32 with acne. I thought it would go away after high school. I went to my naturopath who told me my face in the mirror of my liver. She said I had a bad liver and put me on a detox, but before I started that she told me to use TEA TREE face wash from the local vitamin supplement store. After one day I looked great. Also you need lots of water, which I find is easier said then done.
Go to the health food store and buy a good probiotic, tea tree oil face wash and Oxygen Gel by Cellfood, the combination of these 3 should take care of your problem. Hi, sorry to hear about your acne..My son used Baby Talc Powder after every shower, and it cleared his problem up very quickly.
I have oily skin n use rubbng alcohol. glad to see i aint the only one. 29 here. My friend washes her face with dishsoap. It really does do wonders. Lemon juice worked for me when i was a teen. Havent tried it in yrs though. I have oily skin now after my pregnancy, yet very very seldom have a breakout. As a teen, my skin was dry, n i always had breakouts. go figure! if you dabble toothpaste on the zits it will dry them up and they will go away faster. Try Proactive.
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