what is a natural way to treat black fly bites?

Q:what is a natural way to treat black fly bites?
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The best thing I’ve found is a salve of chickweed, lemon balm and aloe. It works immediately to relieve itch and pain and will even draw out stinger of bee bite, slivers or thorns. To make the salve make a tea of chickweed and lemon balm, add aloe gel and warm, add in bees wax to thicken.Without the salve crush leaves of plantain, chickweed or lemon balm and moisten then place on bite. Source(s):I’m an herbalist
Mix a little Tea Tree oil into alittle vitamin E oil (5-10 drops TT into a teaspoonish amount of E oil). Dab on bite regularly until bite stops bothering you. Works great. Both are available in store that sell vitamins or online. Both should be in everyones medicine cabinet. Safe/effective! Individuals using materials like Avon “Skin So Soft bath oil” have claimed protection for periods of 10 or more minutes. Our tests indicate that some protection is given by two herbal-based treatments, Quantum Buzz AwayTM (Quantum, Inc. P. O. Box 2791, Eugene, Or 97402) and Green BanTM (Mulgum Hollow Farm, P.O. Box 225, Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia), with an active ingredient of geraniol. Both have been obtained locally in Gainesville, FL. Coulstons’sTM DuranonTM Tick Repellent, a permethrin product designed specifically to repel ticks, also works for black flies as a clothing treatment, but it can only be applied to fabrics, such as hats and shirts, and not to skin.
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