Cannabis Good or Bad?

Q:Cannabis Good or Bad?
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good or bad compared against what? alcohol, nicotine, caffiene, fat, direct sunlight, carbon monoxide, salt, sugar, monosodium glutomates, E1-200,….probably good..yes definetly good!
good recreationally and medicinally
It’s been shown to slow the progress of glaucoma (common in diabetes) and to ease nausea associated with chemotherapy when your being treated for cancer. If we could cut the use as a social drug, it would be easier to get them legalized for their medicinal uses.
Cool, welll chill..GoOd mAN…Whayt did You WAnt again..?
Cannabis can be used in glaucoma patients to reduce their intraocular pressure, and in doing so, prevents them from becoming blind. It can be used for cancer patients under going nkchemotherapy and people with AIDs to reduce nausea and increase appetite.It has been used throughout history by ancient doctors who used it for a variety of illnesses and ailments. These included a whole host of gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, headaches and as a pain reliever, frequently used in childbirth.In my honest opinion, I don’t believe the plant should be used as a medicine, at least, not in it’s natural state. I think the plant should be further studied, so that it can be used as a medicine, without getting the patient stoned. There are a lot of pain killers out there that get the patient “stoned”, but these drugs are usually used for short periods of time, until the patient recovers. As for daily treatment for the rest of your life, or for a very long period of your life to slow the progression of glaucoma, or to increase appetite for chemotherapy patients. How would they ever be able to function normally, without becoming a pothead? A lot of pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants and mixed with other things and turned into pills to make it more useful as a medicine, and the same should happen with cannabis.
Cannabis as used by the general population is bad.It gives rise to chronic lung diseases, lung cancer and quite possibly psychosis.It has some medicinal uses, mostly in the realm of palliative care medicine where people are very unwell from cancers and from chemotherapy agents. THC (the active ingredient) can give you “the munchies” and promote appetite – very useful in someone who is nauseated from many causes.
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Bad-it leads to schizophrenia. Or is it double-jointed?
The law say it is wrong and harmful. But what about alcohol? If you smoke pot you don’t get in a car and kill someone. You might gain some weight. You know, God made it and that is no excuse for breaking the law in this confused land that we live in. I would say it’s the safest. Can I say these things? The rep., are really getting out of hand with this big brother thing, but you know what, people didn’t stand up and fight against it, so this is what happens when you ignore what the government is doing!
its only good for your Brain. when your not under stress or feeling guilty . when you let yourself go and your not being offensive .some people dont like being out of control of thier feelings and mind and soul .so if somebody follows the crowd there in a bit of trouble with the old paranoia . so not good all round but very very good for the thinker.its got to be better than what the doctor gives you .
I think it’s ok
Its use can be bad and better.
Suddenly dope seems to be everywhere I go.In my work, I see lots of people (mainly young men) whose lives have been completely destroyed by psychosis and addiction. Sometimes it is difficult to say whether they started smoking because they had a mental illness, or whether the cannabis caused/contributed to it. And I’ve also seen people who let cannabis rule their lives, and being stoned all the time makes them apathetic, soon getting bored with everyday life, and also having problems with insomnia. Then there is the irritability from coming off long-term cannabis, leading to violence and relationship problems.I also see a lot of my peer group smoking cannabis and still holding down respectable jobs, and being sorted, sane people. They extol the virtues of the drug, such as painkilling and relaxing effects, and generally argue that it is much less damaging on society than alcohol.So I’m not really sure. I think the effects vary from person to person.But I would personally never smoke it.
Cannabis: good for pain but bad for your health?The drug can be used as an analgesic, but there are still risks in its recreational useA glance at last week’s papers shows that cartoonists have had a field day over the political implications of research into cannabis smoking. The power of the cartoonist and satirist, which reached its zenith in Georgian and Victorian times, is still great. In those days, cannabis would have been considered small beer. Even Queen Victoria wasn’t averse to using opium for relief of the kind of everyday pain that people today would take a Veganin tablet to control. Opioid tinctures were still the standard basis of cough medicines in my youth.Rather more is now known about the potential side- effects of drugs, and legislators, as well as doctors, are rightly more chary about their medicinal use. Possibly as a result of all the publicity surrounding the political ramifications of cannabis smoking, the latest research published on its use as a pain reliever in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, published in the journal Neurology, has received little attention.A group of 66 patients with moderate to severe MS, the majority of whom required support to walk or were wheelchair-bound, took part in a trial of Sativex, a cannabis-based medicine. The patients had found that their existing analgesics had failed to control their pain — a problem in 52 per cent of patients with advanced multiple sclerosis, a third of whom describe the pain they suffer as being frequently disabling and inadequately managed. Half of the study patients received Sativex (in the form of an oral spray), the others were a control. All continued with other medication throughout the trial. Those taking the cannabis-based Sativex experienced a clinicially significant improvement in the reduction of both the pain and insomnia.Earlier research into the use of other cannabis preparations to treat neuropathic pain has shown that the patients are not exempt from experiencing the adverse psychiatric effects associated with cannabis.Discussion about cannabis smoking, whether among the student population or older, and whether inhaled or not, is a relic of earlier puritanical generations. What really matters is its long-term effect on both physical and mental health. Recent research has confirmed that cannabis smoking may induce psychotic-type breakdowns, and relatively frequently unmasks latent hereditary psychiatric disease, as well as causing psychological changes.A report by leading Swedish scientists in 1998 — not a group that would be thought of as natural conservatives — summarised the psychological and psychiatric problems that may be induced by its use. They concluded: “Cannabis is one of the most psycho-pathogenic of all psychotic preparations. Compared with heroin abuse, cannabis smoking, in addition to the strong grip which develops with dependence, is associated with the far more serious risk of developing mental disorders of various kinds.”A person who suffers a psychotic breakdown after cannabis, had he not smoked it, might well have journeyed happily through life being no more than mildly eccentric. Research indicates that one person in four has the genes that might make them vulnerable to cannabis. Disturbingly, research has also shown that to inherit various packages of genes that might be associated with a vulnerability to cannabis is not rare. Cannabis’s adverse effects may be dose-dependent but there is no way of determining who these people are. Cannabis will also cause psychological changes. These include poor memory, shortened attention span and lack of judgment and/or insight, as well as apathy, although the extent of this symptom is disputed.The physical effects of cannabis include damage to the immune system, the lungs and the oral and nasal spaces. This last association accounts for the clear link between smoking cannabis and an increased incidence of head and neck cancers. Cannabis has an adverse effect on the reproductive system in men and women. In women it may cause ovulatory and menstrual irregularities, and in men can cause testicular atrophy with a marked reduction in sperm count.The babies born to cannabis-smoking couples are, on average, shorter, have a lower birth weight and reduced head circumference, and after delivery are more restless and nervous. As children they have an appreciably higher incidence of one form of leukaemia, have poorer memories and verbal ability as toddlers, and do less well in intelligence tests up to the age of 9.In rodents there is an increased incidence of foetal abnormalities and stillbirths in those given cannabis. Similarly, a long-term project evaluating the effect of cannabis on rhesus monkeys, either before or during pregnancy, showed that it quadrupled the death rate of babies in utero or soon after birth. There was also a higher incidence of congenital neurological deformities. Although there have been reports of similar findings in humans, a relationship between cannabis and foetal abnormality is difficult to prove.
i don’t agree with drugs full stop, i have heard canabis helps the elderly with arthritis, but i don’t know any old people who have tried it.i know plenty of young people who smoke it, i can’t see the point myself, i have better things to do than sit around taking drugs, i love life too much to waste it and end up in a early grave
Bad, and this is my view on ALL mind altering substances, including Prozac etc.Our brain has a delicate balance of chemicals, and when tampered with by any means, inc stress etc a reaction is seen in a person behaviour.So why people tamper with such a balance is beyond me, the brain is still uncharted in some aspects and we continue to learn about.If doctors can’t even produce a decent anti depressive drug with out effecting the mind why trust some drug dealer with a human mind..
neither good nor bad, just ask yourself why you want it?
whether it has good or bad effects totally depends upon the user. its a natural resource that can have healing properties, ie: asthma, tension, stress, period pain & hemp has sustainable value when utilised in food, fabric, paper etc, however, when used for hedonistic purposes it requires the user to know when to say when & if they have no self dicipline or sense of responsibility towards their emotional, physical or psychological health then people can self destruct on too much, ie: paranoia, apathy, mood swings, etc. as they just keep wanting more. too much of anything can have a bad effect, all things in moderation, even good things
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