Did they ban ephedrine/guaifenesin now?

Q:After they banned pure ephedrine pills, I started taking ephedrine mixed with guaifenesin, which I bought at certain gas stations. Well now the gas stations I go to are not selling it any more and if they do, they have to ask for your license so they can copy your information. Why is that?
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Products containing ‘ephedrine’ were banned for sale in the US about three years ago…even the base ‘medicinal herb’ safely used in Chinese medicine for centuries was rendered illegal to possess…The idea was to help in the control of methamphetamine manufacture and distribution by illicit drug dealers. The ban followed hearings after a few cases of death occured in individuals who over-dosed on the over-the-counter-products…It didn’t work…the US has an ever increasing methamphetamine problem, regardless. The base ingredient is being imported into the country through Canada and Mexico.The FDA allowed Drug Companies to continue marketing ‘cold’ remedies containing their ‘synthetic’ ephedrine which is a bronchial dilator, and the main reason you feel a little better when taking the product…but, the low level street dealers began buying up or stealing large quantities of the cold remedies to extract the synthetic drug from…So…..about a week ago, the government mandated that the over-the-counter cold remedies must be kept behind the counter and all sale of the drug, must be monitored……This is the reason you are encountering the problem and, paying ‘inflated’ prices for the such products.
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