What is the best way to stop a nose bleed ?

Q:What is the best way to stop a nose bleed ?
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the only best way to cure nose bleed is to keep iced blog on top of the nose.
Pinch the top of your nose just above the bone, paradmedic showed me that, my sister used to have massive nosebleeds when she was younger. although if the nosebleed is severe and won’t stop you should get to a hospital.
tip your head forward while squeezing your nose with a tissue. Or you can tip your head back and do the same.
The doctors always say bend forward with your head almost to your knees and firmly grip the bridge of your nose. My mom always said lay on your back and squeeze your nose with tissue till it stops. Neither one ever really worked for me…I guess it just stops with in time.
get a tissue and hold your head down and apply preasure untill the bleeding stops….
tilt ur headand put a tisse to your noseto catch the bloodthat’s the only easy way i knowlolhave a nice day! : )
Contrary to what people have been saying, tilt your head FORWARD…NOT BACK! This will allow the blood to rush forward and form a clot faster to stop the bleeding. If you tilt back, there are possibilities that you may choke on your own blood. Take a look at this site for more information.http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-a-Nose-Bleed
1. Pinch your nose between your thumb and forefinger, and apply moderate pressure by squeezing against the nasal septum’the midsection of your nose’for 15 minutes. 2. Lean your head forward, not backward, so that the blood does not trickle down your throat. This will prevent a feeling of gagging. 3. Breathe through your mouth. 4. Apply a cold, soft compress around your nose as you continue to pinch it between your fingers. 5. Once bleeding has stopped, elevate your head above your heart when you are lying in bed or on the couch. This helps alleviate nasal pressure. 6. Turn on a cool vaporizer to moisten mucus membranes, which will help prevent the nosebleed from recurring. 7. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the inside of the nostrils to moisten the passages and prevent the nosebleed from recurring. Use your fingertip. 8. Avoid blowing your nose for 24 hours, and when you do blow it again, blow gently. 9. Avoid lifting heavy objects or engaging in other strenuous activities after a nosebleed. This can produce momentary surges in blood pressure that could cause the nose to bleed again.
put a tampon in ur nose
head up and hold pressure to it. if just bleeding no reason (picking, sinus,someone hit u) then its a sign u need more iron in ur body
Apply pressure to your upper lip, where your cleft is located. Not kidding, in medical books. I have been a victim of nose bleeds since I was 6. Good luck! Cut a tampon in half and shove it up either side of your nose. . . suprisingly it works really well.
cut ur nose
tilt head back, apply pressure with a cool cloth if possible.
Stick a tamopn up it. I know that sounds totally disgusting, but it works.
DO NOT hold your head back, you could choke on the blood.Instead, you put your head slightly forward and apply pressure for at least 5 min. or so.Putting your head back is not the right way anymore people
Move your head back or lay down. Wait….
hold ur head back and apply pressure
whatever you do…don’t lean your head back! This will make the blood run down your throat and into your stomach….and in turn you will throw it up. Lean forward and pinch your nose firmly for no less than 5 minutes, anything less and the blood will not clot well and could start again….goo luck
tilt your head backwards.
First off, I see some of you are rating a thumbs down to the people saying tampons work. The truth is they are right. Doctors use this method. In case you people didn’t realize that’s what tampons were meant for plugging up and absorbing the blood and it is no more disgusting than using tissue, which is useless. Secondly, from experience in treating children at school, pinching at putting the head back doesn’t work. Tilt head forward. I suggest using a cold compress as well.
Standing on your feet bend like you are touching your toes. At the same time pinch your nose shut covering the whole nose area. Count to 30 and it should stop. The reasoning behind this is the inside pressure you created by bending over is being compressed by the fingers that are pinching your nose shut therefore giving it even greater pressure.
lay on bed, on your back, and stay there for 10 minutes…and stick some cotton-wool in your nose
take a cold wet towel and wrap behind your neck and apply pressure to top of noise it will stop the bleeding
The tampon thing does work. If you are single male, you probably don’t have any of those available, and I KNOW you aren’t going to go out and buy any. Therefore I would suggest a cold compress pressed firmly below the nostrils, sit peacefully on the sofa with your feet up and your head tilted backwards as far as possible for as long as it takes for the bleeding to stop.
Apply pressure
yeah, head tilt, ice pack, no pressure though… tissue may help to clean u the run off. the rest, you just have to drink as it fills through to the throat.or do what I do sometimes. stick my entire head in the freezer and breath in deep deep breaths. wax on… wax off….lol
Tilting your head back promotes blood into the belly. It also stimulates your gag reflex. It’s better to pinch your nose where the cartlidge meets the bone and tilt your head forward!
put your head back and drop your balls on your face
I’ve actually heard that leaning forward is better than tilting back because if you tilt back the blood runs down your throat. I lean forward and squeeze my nose for about 10 minutes.
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