What can my cousin take to treat her cancer instead of going to a doctor for orthodox treatment?

Q:She has tumors developing in her breasts that are called Hodgkins or something like that? She would like to know what to take.preferably a healthy alternative to toxic chemicals and surgery.
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Most important thing is that she BELIEVE she can get better. Have her get in touch with Bottom Line Secrets. They have all sorts of natural remedies. Or check this out:http://www.drdavidwilliams.com/order/new_health_breakthroughs_cncr/page_a3.asp?promo_code=3B8500&key_code=7Y9103
My prayers go up for your cousin!May I suggest Essiac (thats caisse spelled backwards) Tea. I have heard wonderful things about it in the cancer treatments. It is a tea that was being trialed by a nurse that was dealing with cancer patients. The patients were so sick after traditional treatments that they were open to trying anything. She began giving the (traditional indian herb formula) to them after treatments and their cancers began to go away. The drs caught on and decided to allow her to try it on patients who opted out or were to far gone for traditional treatments. Her patients improved with only the Essiac Tea. The trials were going so well that funding was pulled since her results were so exceptional. Sad what drug compainies can do isnt it? I personally have not had experience with it as yet but a friend of mine has a sister that had fibroids and started the tea and it helped her fibroids. Another friend had cervical cancer and treated herself with the Tea and it went into a “remission” (dont quote me on that..Im not familiar with the exact terminology).But the tea has virtually no side effects. You can buy the herbs themselves and mix yourself. Do a search online for the recipe. Its cheaper in bulk and better to have on hand. Or you can buy the dry mix and make your tea out of that. Either way. I am unsure about which one is best..the 8 herb formula or the 4 herb formula. Im sure you can do the research on that and decide for yourself.Here are the ingredients (copy n pasted from the last link Ive provided below) http://www.healthfreedom.info/Essiac%20formula.htm6 ½ cups of burdock root (cut)1 pound of sheep sorrel herb powdered1/4 pound of slippery elm bark powdered1 ounce of Turkish rhubarb root powdered******************************.Best of luck to your cousin! She is a lucky lady to have you in her corner!God Bless!
I will give you the power in this message to bring your cousin back to life .. BUT it will be up to you to make this information happen . because I am sure from experience no one else is going to help.You can turn this around but you will have to have the courage strength and desire.Start on these steps right away!First 1. Call 877-teach-me. And order the free tape and book!2. Order Sam Biser’s Book Resurrection at http://www.sambiser.com3. This one is tough but start on a juice fast for 30 days. Just buy the juice man jr for about $50 bucks. Or go here for more info https://www.asseenontvnetwork.com/vcc/kordichgroup/livefoodslivebodies” title=”https://www.asseenontvnetwork.com/vcc/kordichgroup/livefoodslivebodies”>https://www.asseenontvnetwork.com/vcc/ko.4. Watch this movie trailer!http://whatisthesecret.tv/revealedThen buy it 5. If you need a coach with the steps to help guide you along the way, order the Sam Biser videos on ebay! -12 Videos- it’s called (save your life course). Order these tapes and watch them. 6. STUDY THIS INFORMATION AS IF YOU’RE LIFE OR SOMEONE YOU Love LIFE DEPENDS ON IT7. JUST DO IT !And remember I have seen people with 90% bone cancer Survive!Read thisIn our life’s we see people go through alot of pain, where they did not seem to really know where there going, so we searched for answers in health, relationships, and long life success. We went to the depth of the earth for cold hard facts. We care for all people and I want them to know the truth. Well all I can say is Kevin Trudeau is right on track with his books. My research does come from years of looking into the health field and I will say there our many others like Kevin Trudeau that have not come out of the closet maybe because of fear? Here are a few websites for you to look at. I will not give the websites out here but what I will do is give the name of the website and you can go to a search engine and find them right on top.(The homeostasis protocol), (Sam Biser), (Dr Richard Schulze), (sanoviv) (hippocratesinst)The success stories of these people are just amazing.I believe one thing! All of these masters on health agree on one thing DO NOT CHASE A DISEASE! Because you’ll lose like millions have done already (Death). The way to knock out the disease is to give it an environment that it can’t stand to live in, like a fish out of water. Take care of your self and remember to pass this information on to the people you love and see in pain. Please take care of your self and your love ones. This time on earth is very short for all of us. Contact me by email when you completed these steps.I LOVE YEAGod BlessHave a Wonderful Day. Keep your head up and don’t quit!!
A friend of mine had success keeping her tumor growth in check when she had non-Hodgkins lymphoma about nine years ago. She used a product called either Cancell or Cantron. The link below has more information. Tell your cousin I wish her the best. Source(s):http://www.handpen.com
Go to this site and it will explain all you need to know about alternative medicine. Well I love alternative health solutions but I’ve got to be honest here. She has cancer, there is no healthy alternative. She must go to the doctor. However there are all sorts of things she can do, naturally to help ease the side effects of Chemo. God bless.
I am in no way a medical doctor, but I have read reports of alternative treaments lending to the fact raw garlic, raw onions and raw almonds taken in a certain way carry a protein that successfully shrinks and disipates tumors. Again, I am not an M.D., however there are published reports that state the specifics of this treatment along with a good track record of trial results. It may be worth looking into, should you become so inclined.-J.
Thre are a number of places to go for holistic medicine practioners, here is a website with links for you to select your area.www.holisticmed.comMy brother had tumors which eventually were wiped out and his surgery cancelled. He used:Beta Glucan – fights cancer cellsCO-Q10 – rebuilds new cellsShark Cartiledge – helps to reduce and eliminate tumorsAlso Colloidal silver has been known to superboost your system, research it, you will be surprised. But this is meant to assist, supplement and hopefully aleviate problems, if cells still grow abnormally, standard treatments should be used also, nothing takes place of a physician try one that is both an MD and Holistic practitioner.
well my homeopathic Dr kept his son alive with alternative treatment for leukemia doomed to die without traditional treatment. there is a micro biotic diet to live by no fats refined foods and all vegetarian of course/ fruits . then there is burdock root which shrinks boils tumors and is a blood cleanser.. and many things selenium which kills free radical but at this point the breast cancer is the type that spreads very quickly.. thru organs..you need more info to give so see a homeopathic Dr to see how much she has what rate at the very least to make her more comfortable. pau diarco tea is also used for pain.. certain types of tumors feed off more quickly sadly to say. you can slow it down but.. the immune is compromised already. you can call Dr loverro office in owego NY to ask as his child was doomed to die at 2 and the child is now 20.. so.. give his office a call and see how at least to make her comfortable.remember sugar feeds cancer cells more rapidly so avoid certain foods any processed ones we are what we eat and when chemo comes into effect good cells die as well so u need immunity very strong to resist or eradicate bad cells. Not all cancers grow slow tho sorry for your cousin..
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