Have a quick home remedy for cold sores?

Q:I have one just coming on. I need something to stop it fast before it spreads into a gigantic one.
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A few things you can do.Take an asprin and get it a little wet and place it on the cold sore for about a minute or two then take the asprin.(kind of weird I know, but works for my sisters)Of course there is the cold sore medicated cream you could put on it.And..shoot.I lost it..sorry. When I think of it I will let you know.Hope that helps.
the trick is to know or should i say be aware of a Lil twitch in the area where you get them or it in my case. if you catch it then you can nip it in the bud by applying a variety of cold sore medications on the market. i use diprosalic lotion. now if you don’t catch it in the initial stages you are pretty much doomed to ride it out. it will run it’s course ,but it can be a painful wait good luck soak it in peroxide for an hour. That should do the trick.
You shouldn’t put any chemicals or harsh liquids on your skin like alcohol. The best thing to do is put a warm green tea bag on your skin. It will cleanse, reduce redness and minimize the sore, not instantly of course but over time. And don’t pick at it. YES! Simple fast and convenient! ICE, Yes, it not only works, but numbing, as well. If you don’t believe me try it, and you’ll see that it works!
Gross as it sounds.. I heard once that ear wax can be effective. I don’t get cold sores, so I can not verify this. but there you have it. I’ve been cursed with cold sores since I was a little girl. What works for me is to get a Q-tip and some lemon juice. While the sore is still soft and liquidy I apply the lemon juice three times a day with the Q-tip. This helps dry it out faster so that it goes away faster. It still take a couple days, but I used to have them for up to three weeks at a time before I started doing this. I rarely get them anymore. If the cold sore is on the inside of your mouth then swab it with Listerine 3 times a day. That works for me, but it does sting a little. If the cold sore is on the outside of your mouth, then wash it with anti-bacterial hand soap 3 times a day.
I used to get cold sores all the time; I’ve tried every remedy under the sun, and none seemed to work. Then, I started eating better; sleeping more; stressing less; and applying Neosporin on the onset of the cold sore; I haven’t had any trouble with cold sores since!P.S. This advice is only for regular cold sores, not for cold sores relating to herpes venereal disease!
Nothing right now as the break out is coming, but next time try Terra-M, it is AWESOME for cold sores, and you can use it inside your mouth too.its the best, it dries out the sore in one day, and completely heals in 2-3. www.terra-m.com Gel toothpaste dries em up right away.
sorry to say there is not any u going to have to let it run it’s thing 7 to 10 days alcohol
Go to your natural vitamin section and get a bottle of L-lysine. Take two tablets the first day and one a day for a day or two until it is dried up. Then take one or two tablets weekly to prevent any future outbreaks. This works. well i have to say that even though it hurts for a little while it heals by the end of the day i put salt on it and leave it there for a little while like 30 or less seconds and then rinse your mouth out with water! and by the end of the night it should feel so much better works for me! Source(s):personal experiance!! thats about all!
I though I heard Toothpaste over night. It hurts like hell but alcohol will dry it up sooner.
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