how do you rid drugs from your body before a drug test?

Q:My dad takes meds for strokes/siezures and he has to take a drug test for a new job. He does not want them to know because people normally don’t give you a job with a history of seizures. I need a home remedy to give him.
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yeah sure,seizure drugs need to be taken everyday or you will have a……….seizure stupid.don’t do drugs if your afraid of getting caught
you can drink a lot of water to flush it out of your system, but it gets pretty suspicious when people read your results and notice that theres a gallon of water in your body.
if they discriminate against him because of a medical condition, he shouldn’t even go for the job. thats just wrong. not only that, say he does get the job, and at some point has a seizure. he could get into trouble for not mentioning his health issue.
Employment drug tests are exclusive to certain kinds of drugs. It is highly unlikely that they will test for seizure medication.
i dont think there is anything that can get rid of drugs before a drug test.
As long as the seizure meds don’t have narcotics, barbituates, etc, in them, then it will not show up on a drug test. According to the ADA, it is illegal to discriminate against someone with a medical problem (sz disorder included). The only problem would be if his job required driving or working with machinery. It might be legal not to hire him for that type of job. With every other job, he might just have to produce a note from his physician stating that his seizures are well controlled.There are really no ways to flush drugs from the body before a drug test. Even if you drink lots of water, the drugs will still be there, just diluted. Tell your father good luck for me!
Medications used for seizures do not show up on employment drug tests.Employers are looking for illicit drugs, like cocaine, marijuana, heroin etc. If what you say is true…you dad has nothing to worry about.Tests to find specific drugs are very expensive and employers only check for illegal stuff.
Chances are good that those meds will not be searched for. Usually the test specifically seeks for illegal type of dope.
HAHA, this will be embarassing for a non doper, but go to a local headshop and buy either Goldenseal or just ask the retailer whet they suggest, they all carry that stuff now.
Tell him to stop taking em as much in advance as he can. Hmm .. drink atleast 2 litres of water for couple days before the test. You can also try to sweat it out but becoz of his heart condition .. you prob dont want him excercising a lot..Best way would be not to take em for couple days before the test and lots of water intake to flush it all out.
dont take drugs 48 hours before the test.pee it out with water consumption
I don’t believe you, I think it’s for you!
Depending on what drugs he is taking, they may not show up on the test. If it does show up, the results of the test would be sent to a Medical Review Officer (not affiliated with the company) who would then contact your father to see if he has a Rx for it. If he has a Rx then it shouldn’t be a problem, unless it’s a job that could be hazardous if taking his kind of medications. The laws are such now that employers can’t ask what medications you’re on, privacy kinda thing. Also, most employers are testing for illegal drugs. They are usually testing for Marijuana, Cocaine, Barbituates, Amphetamines and Methamphetamines. Some Rx drugs do show up under some of these categories. However, using a Rx type drug without a RX is a BIG NO-NO. You can lose your job over that.
They aren’t allowed to not give you a job because of a history of seizuresdefinitely tell your dad not to stop taking the seizure medication because it’ll do him more harm than good – a lot of seizure medications are used to also treat migraines so have him tell them that he’s on those medications for migraines – that is if they show up at all
That’s a tough one! Not do drugs in the first place.
I don’t know. Some drugs can stay in your system for a long time. It really depends on the drug he’s taking how sophisticated the test is. Yes, there are drinks that you can take to “mask” certain drugs, but I don’t recommend them because many of the tests now are very sophisticated and can detect herbal “remedies”. Sometimes if the applicant lists the drugs he’s taking, there will be no chance of a false positive. The application process and the drug testing are two different things. The employer is not performing the test. Only those working in the lab will have access to what your father is taking. He doesn’t have to include that on his application, and it’s illegal to ask anyway. Besides, it’s none of their business. If they find out later, he can say that he “forgot” to disclose it. 🙂
He will need to be up front about prescription medications. That way, when the meds show up, they’ll know why.
just hope he doesnt drive the bus i get
you can go to herbal store and get some detox to cleanse your system
Drink lots and lots of water. I’ve also heard that you can drink grapefruit juice. FYI, my company informed me that they are really just checking for barbituates. I actually had some in my system from a medical test I had, and just showed them that it was prescribed and it was ok.
the only thing that is going to get the drugs out of his system is lots and lots of water the flush his system, but he is going to have to stop taking the drugs and if he has a history of seizures this is not a good idea. As long as your dad can do the job they can not stop him from the job because of a history of seizures that is wrong and is against the law.
peee alot… lolz, just speculation. can always try though There is an herbal tea u can get from the health food store.
Well lying about his illness will just cause problems later, especially if he has a stroke or a siezure there, and going of the medication can cause those kinds of problems. Most drug tests only test for Opiets, or illegal drugs. It is against the law to discriminate against someone because of an illness unless that illness makes them ineligable for the job. I think it would be very dangerous to go off the medicaiton, so I hope your dad doesn’t do that. You can always drink plenty of fluids and that will help flush his system, but I don’t think there is anything you can give him that will help.
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