OK! Everyone suggested pot for menstral cramps…Where can I get it in Houston,TX? E-mail now. I will buy.?

Q:I am so desperate I will try anything!!!!!!
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Oh, that’s just ridiculous. You don’t need to smoke marijuana to help with menstrual cramps. If you’re that desperate, I’d suggest talking to your doctor about going on birth control pills, which can help quite a bit with menstrual cramps (in fact, there are several new types of pills you can take year-round, effectively never menstruating again — talk about a solution to the cramps problem!).Otherwise, try ibuprofen and heat packs on your abdomen — far more effective than smoking marijuana, which can create its own problems.
Can’t help you with that part. Good Luck! 420 I know someone in Austin but I don’t think he would appreciate me giving you his info online. Pot is everywhere so it shouldn’t be too hard to get. It does help!
Call (713) 884-3131, just be sure to be real discreet when asking for a dimebag..
Well pot don’t get rid of em, just make you forget about em. And u gotta smoke ALOT trust mei don’t live there so i kan’t help ya
orly_l33t is on the right track. They’ve got the best stuff – they got it from a negro!- Regards,Ward
Why don’t you call you local police station and ask…
ANYONE in their right mind would follow MEG’S advice… WHY would you want more problems? Have you seen & talked with a doctor?
I would suggest Shaklee natural supplements.Osteomatric (calcium magnesium): natural muscle relaxant – helps cramps, muscle spasm, and more. Feeds nerve endings – helps reduce PMSB-Complex: reduces stress; helps regain hormonal imbalance; reduces water retentionGLA (gamma linolenic acid) Complex: regains hormonal imbalance by minimizing fluctuations due to nutrient deficiencyFor more info or questions, please feel free to contact me.Best Wishes
NO..only a few people suggested Pot! Sounds like you are looking for an excuse to smoke the crap, not rid yourself of cramps. There were many legal and natural remedy suggestions given to you, yet you chose to ignore them in favor of illegal drugs. IF you truly wanted to get relief from cramps you would simply take Wild Yam herbs or tea and they would go away.
Move to Denver or Jamaica. Those are the only places I know of where it’s legal.
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