10 Reasons You Are Better Than Kim Kardashian

1. You don’t have to lie to get what you want.

2. You don’t have to have your life taped 24-hours a day to justify your self worth.

3. You didn’t need to make a sex tape to be popular among your circle of friends.

4. You don’t define yourself by your material possessions.

5. You can be okay without being in a relationship.

6. You still have admirers without having to talk like a baby.

7. Your friends like you for who you are and not because they’ll be featured on reality TV.

8. Chances are your mother isn’t trying to turn you into a cash cow so she can earn her 10%.

9. Most likely you consider men under 7 feet tall without sports-related careers just as valuable and eligible marriage material.

10. You haven’t sold your soul, self-respect or body for fame and fortune.

Sleep well tonight knowing you are much better off than Kim Kardashian!

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