11/11/11: A Date to Remember

Some people keep an eye on their calendars for more than just Thanksgiving and Christmas. For them, dates are just as central for their numbers as for their actual celebrations or commemorations.

For instance, math lovers can rejoice in the fact that there are actually unofficial holidays celebrating pi, square roots and even palindromes (words or sentences that reads the same forward as it does backward). And, you don’t have to be a mathematician to appreciate nifty numerological occurrences like the ones that have already transpired thrice this year: 1/1/11, 1/11/11 and 11/1/11.

Not only are dates like these fun and supposedly lucky, but they are also easy to remember. Thus, making them very popular wedding dates, especially when they fall on or near the weekend.

For those who are even thinking about getting married this year, the date to choose is 11/11/11, which happens to be a Friday. It also happens to be Veterans Day, an annual federal holiday. The combination of the two increases an individual’s chances of never forgetting that all-important anniversary.

However, those who haven’t already planned their weddings way in advance of 11/11/11 may not be able to book a church or reception venue anywhere on the planet at this point. Best bet is to start planning now for 12/12/12.

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