4 Tips on How Not to Use Your Twitter and Facebook Status

Have you ever come across a Twitter or Facebook status that just read stupid-something someone should have just deleted before pressing send. The internet is cluttered with unnecessary nonsense people share with the world, and here are a few tips so people will want to walk away from something you wrote with a positive outlook instead of a negative one.

1.Don’t share your every movement. For the life of me I can’t comprehend why people think that sharing “I just walked my dog” or “I’m sitting at the airport” is of any relevance to anyone’s life unless there is a great story behind it. If you are going to post what you are doing make sure there is a great story behind it. For example, you can write while waiting on to board my plane, I met a wonderful woman who told me about her life as a young girl in the 50s. Pick something out of the story that would really stand out and be of interest to others. Or, I stumbled across a block party giving out free food and prizes while out walking my dog. I didn’t win anything but the food was sure good. If you want readers, make your writing interesting.

2.Don’t overdo it on the links. Sharing links is a way of promoting one’s contents on their blog or website, or content they have found interesting they wanted to share with their readers. The downside of this promotional tool is that there are a lot of spammers and pay to share links companies. Because you never know what is authentic and what isn’t, it makes it very frustrating to be bombarded by a bunch of “click here” links. If the link isn’t relevant don’t share it with the world, and if you do find a bunch of links that are interesting share them in moderation.

3. Don’t post “add me” or “follow me” in every post. Unfortunately this is common on both Twitter and Facebook: Posts bombarded with “add me” or “follow me.” Let’s be honest, when Facebook and Twitter first showed up on the social media scene, it was cute to post “add me” or “follow me” because everyone was new to the etiquette of social media. However, the genesis of Facebook and Twitter are long gone. If your Facebook and Twitter content is not getting you any followers or friend requests, maybe you need to review what type of content you are posting and do a little revision. Remember, vulgar language or pictures do not attract anyone no matter how immature they are.

4.Don’t share ads. Sharing ads is the best way not to get any followers or friend requests. Sharing ads is equivalent to spamming as far as I’m concerned. Twitter is bad when it comes to people sharing ads but Facebook is worse. If it’s not in someone’s local paper, don’t share it unless you know for a fact they shop at the place you’re advertising.

When it comes to posting on Facebook and Twitter, many people have a hand in their own demise simply because of what they share. Many people fall victim to the previously mentioned four tips of what not to share on your Facebook and Twitter status, so hopefully you will go into the future with a better grasp of what to share with the world.

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