4 Ways Kim Kardashian Can Improve Her Image

Could Kim Kardashian be trying to change her image? The reality TV star was spotted over the holiday serving Thanksgiving dinner to the needy with regular charity supporter Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Perhaps she feels it’s time to counter all the bad press she’s been getting lately regarding her increasingly bitter divorce from Kris Humphries, and the petition that’s been circulating to have the Kardashian clan’s escapades pulled from E!

It’ll take more than one volunteer photo op to change the public sentiment about Kim. Here are a few suggestions for ways to keep things moving in a positive direction.

Class It Up!

Kim has physical beauty and sex appeal in spades, but has been criticized for a lack of refinement. Maybe it’s time she branched out. Instead of night clubs and casinos, she should visit a museum or attend a play (the symphony? A ballet?), maybe all of the above. It wouldn’t hurt if she had something intelligent to say about her experience afterwards.

Tone It Down

To paraphrase “Project Runway’s” Nina Garcia, nothing makes a woman look cheap faster than short, tight and shiny. This describes most of Kim’s public wardrobe. While no one expects her to step out in granny skirts and turtle necks, a more subtle look could work wonders for her public image.

Kim could take a page out of the Duchess of Cambridge’s (aka Kate Middleton) fashion book. It would make the paparazzi do a double take – but in a good way.

More Than Just a Pretty Face?

Is there something of substance underneath all that make up and hair gel? Kim could show her brain power by taking a class, even if it’s just something light like “The History of Modern Music,” or “The Philosophy of Star Wars.”

At least she would be known for something more than partying all night.

Show Some Compassion for Others

The soup kitchen was a great start, but Kim needs to do more, if she wants to be known as a philanthropist. She could host a charity event for a cause that means something to her, or participate in a beautification project for a run down area of town.

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